NRA Breaks Fundraising Record for the Month (Thanks, David Hogg!)

The National Rifle Association has been under unprecedented attack since the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, but if their fundraising numbers are anything to go by, they should hope to God that more anti-gun activists like David Hogg come out of the woodwork. The kids from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School and their media handlers have done more to prop up the NRA and the Second Amendment than any conservative could ever dream of doing. And that’s borne out by the fact that in March, the NRA broke a one-month fundraising record that stood unchallenged for fifteen years.

According to McClatchy, the NRA Political Victory Fund raised $2.4 million in March, breaking a record that has been in place since June 2003. Remarkably (and in stark contrast to the left’s narrative that the NRA is propped up by the gun manufacturing industry), the majority of this windfall came from small donations of under $200. This was a real and potent conservative backlash to the left’s anti-gun crusade, and it tells you something significant about how fiercely serious gun owners are when it comes to protecting the Second Amendment.

While it’s tempting to just throw these numbers back in the left’s face and say, “Great job, loonies,” there is actually an important lesson here that goes beyond the gun debate. There is a lesson here that actually speaks to the heart of society. The NRA’s success over the last month proves one of the truest axioms of human behavior: When you hatefully fight against something, you only succeed in strengthening the other side. We’ve seen this in our politics for years, and we’ve seen it in every corner of our cultural spectrum. This is something that we should think about every once in a while, even though it is usually the left that organizes these “wars on BLANK.”

Thanks to the left’s fanaticism when it comes to gun control, there is no longer any viable middle ground in this debate. In fact, to even call it a “debate” at this point is a misnomer. No one’s debating anything. It’s just one side trying to scream louder than the other. May the most forceful voice win. That’s not a great way to engage in an important topic like gun violence. That’s not a great way to find our way to real solutions for this unfortunate epidemic of mass shootings.

We’re a smart country with every advantage; there’s no reason why we can’t put our heads together and come up with some real ways forward. But before that can happen, the left must stop trying to undo the Bill of Rights.

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