NRA Slams Walmart for “Shameful” Decision to Ban Handgun Ammo Sales

Walmart, whose El Paso store was the site for a mass shooting last month, came down forcefully in favor of the Democratic Party’s gun control agenda on Tuesday, making it clear to their millions of red-blooded shoppers that they will not be an ally in preserving the Second Amendment. The company announced that they would immediately stop selling ammunition that can be used in handguns and short-barreled rifles, that it would discourage its customers from carrying openly in their stores, and that they would pressure Congress to expand background checks and examine the possibility of passing a new “assault weapons” ban.

“The strongest defense of freedom has always been our free-market economy,” the NRA said in a statement. “It is shameful to see Walmart succumb to the pressure of the anti-gun elites. Lines at Walmart will soon be replaced by lines at other retailers who are more supportive of America’s fundamental freedoms.

“The truth is Walmart’s actions today will not make us any safer. Rather than place the blame on the criminal, Walmart has chosen to victimize law-abiding Americans,” the NRA added. “Our leaders must be willing to approach the problems of crime, violence and mental health with sincerity and honesty.”

All true, but we assume this will ingratiate Walmart with the political left, for whatever benefit that does them.

The truth is, they are such corporate titans at this point that it’s difficult to imagine that America’s Second Amendment defenders could or would have much impact on the store through an organized boycott of any kind. Walmart may suffer some small financial hit for taking this unfortunate stand against the right to bear arms, but we’re sure the powers-that-be in Bentonville have already worked all of this out in a cost/benefit analysis. Sad but true.

Having said all that, mighty corporations have fallen in the past – even when they once seemed well-nigh invincible. So it’s not out of the realm of possibility that a cultural shift against Walmart could occur. Let’s face it, this is not a retailer that does its best business in San Francisco and New York City. It is an international behemoth, yes, but its power comes from small-town America, where a belief in the right to bear arms is still thrumming with energy.

Could Walmart “liberal” its way out of conservative America’s heart? Stranger things have happened.

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