Parkland’s Biggest Star Has Become a Full-On Democrat Shill

Most of us on the right saw through the Parkland student activism from Day One, but it should be easy enough for the rest of the country to catch on soon. Like the Women’s March on Washington, this weekend’s March for Our Lives was a transparent left-wing politics fest that was fully funded by special interests on the left (including the Democratic National Committee). This isn’t about saving the lives of children; it’s about filling the coffers of Democrats so they can run back to Washington and pretend they’re doing something about mass shootings. This is about re-election. This is about finding a new way to hypnotize the youth of America into thinking the Democrats are the “cool” party to belong to.

David Hogg, the most likely Parkland student to use this activism to springboard into politics himself, began dipping his toe into the Democrat waters beyond gun control this weekend. In a tweet, Hogg pointed his followers to an ACLU article on what the left likes to call “voter suppression.” The rest of us know it as “the attempt to let Democrats defraud elections by getting rid of all reasonable voting safeguards and security measures.”

“Politicians: Yeah let’s make it easier to vote,” Hogg wrote. “Politicians Also: Wait let’s require voters to have id so we can suppress the vote of the people so I can get reelected via a system that disproportionately effects people of color and the poor! Smh”

Of course, right here you can see that Hogg is either confused or deliberately trying to fool his followers into thinking this is some “systemic” Washington problem. See, he doesn’t want to come right out and say, “Hey, I’m a leftist Democrat, so here’s all the things I’ve been told to believe!” No, that’s way too uncool for a guy like Hogg, who is quickly developing one of the largest egos we’ve ever seen on a kid his age. So instead, he’s positioning himself as some kind of wild, freelancing outsider who is just fed up with THE MAN, you know, dude? These politicians, dude, they’re all the same…ya dig?

But they aren’t. The politicians who call voter ID laws a form of “suppressing the vote” are all on one side of the aisle, and it ain’t the Republican side. It’s the same ones who want to throw open our borders to every illegal immigrant and refugee who gets to American land. The same ones who think the NFL players are really, super-duper brave patriots when they kneel for the national anthem. And, yes, the same ones who want to eradicate the Second Amendment. Their name is Democrat, and they are legion.

And apparently, they just added one more member.

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