Texas Terrorist May Have Used Fast and Furious Gun

You probably didn’t need another reason to feel disgusted about the terrorist attack that hit Garland, Texas in May, but a new report from the Chicago Tribune might give you one, anyway. According to the report, there is a possibility that Nadir Soofi, one of the terrorists who carried out the attack, may have purchased a weapon connected to the Fast and Furious gun scandal.

The Fast and Furious program was an Obama administration initiative run by the ATF. A sting operation meant to lead investigators to Mexican drug lords, the program became controversial after federal officials lost track of the firearms being sold. Eventually, one of these guns was used to kill a federal agent near the border, drawing heat on both the program and Attorney General Eric Holder.

Now it appears that the program may also have allowed for Soofi to get his hands on a gun. Soofi bought his weapon from Lone Wolf Trading Co. in Phoenix, despite a history of misdemeanor drug and assault charges on his rap sheet. The FBI ran a background check at the time of his purchase, but the waiting period was waived for reasons unknown. Soofi was able to get his gun after lying on his federal firearms form. It remains unclear whether or not he used the 9mm he bought at the store for his attack in Garland.

The store itself was allegedly known as a place where gun smugglers would sell illegal firearms. At the time of Soofi’s purchase, the location was part of the Fast and Furious sting operation. It is therefore entirely possible that government agents purposely allowed the sale to go through, thus undermining the background check system. Lone Wolf’s proprietor denies having sold Soofi the weapon.

We’ll see if the media jumps all over this like they jumped all over Pamela Geller following the attack. The safe bet is that they will ignore it, just as they have ignored the Fast and Furious scandal and any number of other shady Obama operations. If a story doesn’t dovetail with their agenda, it gets only lip service.

It is, of course, impossible to stop weapons from ending up in murderous hands. That’s why this never-ending push for bigger and better background checks is such a farce. We would be better off spending that money on improved law enforcement training. And Americans will be safer when they realize that gun-carrying citizens are not the problem. The problem is the murderous ideologies and mental illnesses that lead to mass shootings. But if we’re not willing to confront the truth about these events, we will watch more innocents die.

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