Why is Obama Releasing Inmates with Gun Convictions?

During his time in office, President Obama has granted executive clemency to 600 federal prisoners – more than the last nine presidents put together. The implications of that statistic are worrying enough, but some of Obama’s recent pardons seem to run counter to the anti-gun fervor that has dominated his administration.

As reported by the Washington Times, 107 federal inmates with gun charges have been pardoned by Barack Obama. They spoke with Erich Pratt, the executive director of Gun Owners of America, who said Obama’s pardons could not be reconciled with his commitment to reduce gun violence.

“This is the most incredible hypocrisy,” Pratt said. “The president has commuted the sentences of dangerous criminals who were convicted of gun-related charges. But then, he does everything in his power to block law-abiding gun owners from purchasing firearms.”

At a press conference last week, Obama justified these controversial releases using dubious logic. “Our focus really has been on people who we think were overcharged and people who we do not believe have a propensity towards violence,” he said.

That sounds incredibly reasonable, but it doesn’t quite jibe with efforts to turn the average gun owner into a stigmatized criminal. This president claims to be concerned about the proliferation of easily-accessed guns, yet he stands in the way of letting our existing gun laws work as intended. These liberals are pushing “progress” in so many different areas that their causes are starting to come into conflict. If you start noticing sparks flying off the top of Obama’s head at a press conference, it could mean that all of these inconsistencies have finally caused him to short-circuit.

Oh wait, that’s Hillary’s deal.

The gun hypocrisy aside, Obama’s record-breaking rate of pardons represents yet another of his attempts to play the role of King. He couldn’t get Congress to move forward on criminal justice reforms, so he’s using his executive power to get what he wants. He’s perfectly within his legal rights to do so in this case, but it still violates the spirit of our democratic government. Sadly, that’s actually a step up from the depths this president has plumbed in the past.



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