Women Converge on Washington to Fight for Gun Rights

The media camps out for days anytime there’s a gathering of two or more transgender feminists, but you won’t see much coverage of The DC Project in the liberal press. While wholly comprised of women from all 50 states, the initiative is gleefully ignored by the media because of what it stands for: Namely, gun rights. Ew, no one wants to hear about that! How gross!

From the Federalist:

Women from across the country, representing all 50 states, traveled to the nation’s capital last Monday to spend the week meeting with legislators to discuss firearms, self-defense, and cumbersome gun control laws.

The initiative, known as The DC Project, is a nonpartisan, grassroots movement that organizes women to share with lawmakers why they choose to own and carry firearms. Ages ranged from 11 to 76, and included students, moms, competitive shooters, and victims of assault.

After several days packed with meetings, the week culminated with a rally on the West Capitol Lawn on Friday where speakers shared testimonies and discussed the rising demographic of female gun ownership.

Many of the women who spoke at the rally shared their stories about why the Second Amendment was important to them and why it was imperative that their rights be preserved.

One woman talked about how competitive shooting had given her an avenue through which to enjoy sports when concussions blocked her from playing in more traditional games.

Other stories were much more serious.

“The man who raped me was bigger, stronger, and faster than I was,” one woman said. “And he always will be based solely on our genders. But with my carry gun those factors don’t matter. You don’t have to big or strong or fast to defend yourself with a firearm.”

Powerful stuff.

We also read something interesting from one of the attendees. Over at GunTalk.com, Lisa Gresham wrote about her trip to Washington and her involvement with The DC Project. While listing the things she learned from participating in the initiative, she mentioned this:

“Almost every [legislator’s] office we visited mentioned how the anti-gun groups inundate them with phone calls and meetings after a shooting tragedy. But they rarely here from 2A supporters. Let me repeat that. THEY RARELY HEAR FROM 2A SUPPORTERS. Our elected officials hear from people on the other side that just want ‘something’ to be done. We, as 2A supporters, need to let them know that we don’t want ‘the something’ to restrict our rights as law abiding citizens. Just by showing up and starting these relationships, we are really doing some good in a positive way.”

It’s no surprise to us that liberals are much more involved in political activism than conservatives – it’s been that way from the beginning. But if we don’t want to see the Michael Bloombergs of the world win this battle, we might want to think about getting more involved. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to put in a phone call or an email to your local representatives. Let them know what you think every now and then. At the very least, it will remind them that not everyone wants to see the Second Amendment relegated to the past.

Some of us like it the way that it is.

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