Atheist Group Bakes Fetus Cookies to Promote Abortion

In a sick attempt at humor, the North Georgia Skeptics Society – an atheist group on the University of North Georgia campus – held a pro-abortion rally the featured cookies baked into fetus shapes last week, angering pro-life students who were appalled at the display.

“Personally, I cannot imagine why one of your members felt it a decent or clever thing to dismember baby cookies by breaking off their heads. Even to simply allow that on your table was tasteless, irresponsible, and vile—there is absolutely no removing yourself from that,” wrote Carly McCurry, the president of another campus group – Students for Life.

McCurry understood that most of the atheists had not considered the seriousness of the subject, a failure she hoped to resolve in her letter to the Skeptics Society. “In a 20-week abortion, the arms, legs, and head are ripped and torn apart to the unimaginable pain of the pre-born person,” she wrote in an attempt to make these atheists see why students were so upset by the cookies.

Of course, just look at the picture that accompanies this article. Abortion should remain legal because….it’s constitutionally protected. Exactly where in the Constitution does it say that abortion should remain legal? This is circular logic at best: A liberal Supreme Court decided that abortion was a woman’s right by way of the Constitution, so that’s that. Of course, on another day, these same jokers will tell you that the Second Amendment doesn’t actually say what it says.

So that tells you a little something about the intellectual maturity of these atheists.

What’s more disturbing, though, is their emotional maturity or lack thereof. College kids aren’t known for their empathy to begin with, but this kind of “humor” is common on the left. The more sick and twisted the better. These people have a reputation for getting easily offended, but that only happens when they come across humor that goes against their political views. As long as that’s not a problem, anything goes. It’s gotten to the point where it’s not just deeply uncool to be pro-life, it’s uncool to even seriously debate the subject.

Of course, when your position demands that you support the destruction of innocent life, humor is about the only way you can deal with the moral implications.

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