Children Can Change Their Gender, Thanks to New Medical Guidelines

Parents are already free to allow their children to play dress-up and “change” their gender as they see fit, but thanks to new medical guidelines from the Endocrine Society, they can now get their young gender-confused children the transition therapy they deserve. Yes, according to NBC Bay Area, the largest endocrinology organization in the country is now encouraging members to go ahead to give hormone transition therapy to children under 16 if those children are really ready to “become” the other gender.

Now, nothing stands in the way of these ruined lives other than the parents themselves. And, knowing the left as we do, it won’t be long before that gate will fall as well. Already, children in several states do not have to alert their parents if they want to obtain an abortion. Can it be long before similar guidelines are in place for sex changes? We think not. Just think of all the intolerance! Are we really going to keep these poor boys locked in female bodies just because their parents are too small-minded to accept them as the wonderful unique snowflakes that they are? P’shaw.

Instead of encouraging parents to take it easy on pushing their children to accept and embrace their gender confusion, the new guidelines call on them to go full-bore. Give them makeup! Let them wear dresses! If a child of four wants to change their gender, you should do everything you can to feed the delusion! Anything else would make you a reprehensible monster, if not a…we can’t even say it…a CONSERVATIVE! Think of the horror.

NBC Bay Area reports that lowering the hormone guidelines to below the age of 16 is a controversial decision that “has some doctors and psychologists concerned that the new guidelines will encourage unnecessary transitions.”

You don’t say…

The station spoke to Dr. Eric Vilain, who believes the new guidelines will lead to all kinds of mental health problems for children.

“If the children are pushed in this belief it will be much, much harder for them to get out of this belief because everyone will have agreed on it very, very early on,” Vilain said. “What worries me is that, indeed, there might be in the upcoming years a considerable number of these children that are placed on a path that we don’t fully know the outcome.”

Yeah, well, that’s apparently the price we pay for social progress, Dr. Vilain. What’s a few thousand ruined lives if it means the LGBT Army can chalk up another win?

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