Climate Fanatic Al Gore Stretches to Connect COVID-19 to Global Warming

If you’ve been following the mainstream media’s coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, you’ve probably rolled your eyes a time or two at their attempts to find little “silver linings” in the crisis. We’ve lost count at the number of articles and news segments we’ve seen with liberal do-gooders waxing poetic about the drop in pollution that has accompanied lockdown orders in some of the world’s major cities. But while these pieces may be somewhat distasteful, they are at least interesting from a certain point of view. They’re at least factual.

On the other end of the spectrum you have former Vice President Al Gore, who has been on rather tenuous terms with “facts” since the 2000 election. Gore, whose claim to post-VP fame comes from an extraordinarily one-sided climate documentary, has dedicated his life and career to saving the planet from fossil fuel emissions. And so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that not only does Gore see that “silver lining” behind the coronavirus shutdown, he is actually stretching to BLAME the outbreak on climate change.

“This climate crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic are linked in some ways, the preconditions that raise the death rate from COVID-19, a great many of them are accentuated, made worse, by the fossil fuel pollution. Not the CO2, which causes the climate crisis, but the particulates, the soot,” Gore said in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes this week. “And, of course, President Trump is trying to use this crisis as an opportunity to turn the valves wide open for more pollution.

“And we also see it with the horrendous differential mortality rates among African-Americans and to some extent, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans, as well. This crisis has exposed some long-standing witnesses in our president, but some long-standing weaknesses in our country,” Gore continued. “If we — just to pick one example that existed before this began, the death rate for African-American children from asthma is ten times the death rate for Caucasian children from asthma. You see the big increase in death rates from COVID-19. And there are many factors that cause it.”

Uh-huh. Let’s hear it, Al.

“Communities of color, because they’ve had a legacy of being deprived of the same political and economic power to defend themselves, are way more likely to be downwind from the smokestacks and breathe that pollution in, downstream from the hazardous waste flows adjacent to the coal ash and hazardous chemical waste sites, and this is now being manifested in these horrendous death rates,” Gore explained.


So there you have it. Not only is climate change racist in the way it affects “communities of color,” but the coronavirus itself also suffers from the same bigotry. There is nothing the left can’t bring back to the conversation about social justice, just as there is nothing they can’t bring back to the subject of climate change. It’s simply amazing how every problem on the planet can be solved with the exact prescriptions that the left has been making for decades. They are either geniuses who hold the key to global paradise…or they’re just really good at coming up with propaganda that magically fits every new crisis.

We’ll leave it to you to decide which it is.

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