Clinton’s Long Love Affair with Planned Parenthood

When confronted with the undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood employees discussing the monetary considerations of crushing baby parts, Hillary Clinton had the good sense to say she found them “disturbing.” But it wasn’t long before Clinton’s true colors came out in a tweet supporting the embattled abortion providers.

“Proud to stand w/Planned Parenthood & for access to quality, affordable healthcare for women, men & young people,” Clinton posted on July 31.

While you hardly have to dig very deep to find out why Democrats are unwilling to defund Planned Parenthood, a new report demonstrates why Clinton is particular is walking back her initial reaction. Conservative PACs America Rising and Women Speak Out released the report in tandem, showing the long relationship Clinton has had with Planned Parenthood.

The report summarizes several important highlights of this love affair:

– Clinton’s receipt of the Margaret Sanger Award, the highest honor Planned Parenthood gives out.

– Thousands of dollars in donations from Planned Parenthood to Clinton political campaigns.

– Planned Parenthood tirelessly lobbied Clinton when she was secretary of state, and the organization received millions in taxpayer dollars through USAID.

“What’s really ‘disturbing’ are Hillary Clinton’s long financial connections to Planned Parenthood,” said a press release accompanying the report. “Like any Clinton associate, all you need to do is follow the money to discover how deep Clinton’s Planned Parenthood ties go. That’s exactly why you will never see Clinton criticize the group—her personal interests run too deep.”

This is all true, but it’s unlikely Clinton would have the integrity to take on Planned Parenthood even if they had never given her a dime. Abortion is a bedrock issue for Democrats, and seldom are the times you’ll find a pro-life candidate on the left. Clinton, certainly, is not among their number.

And that’s fine. But say that. Come out and stand up for these “disturbing” practices. Don’t hide behind this crock of crap where we pretend Planned Parenthood is a women’s health facility that just happens to perform an abortion or two. If it weren’t for abortion, this organization would have no legitimate reason to exist. If it weren’t for abortion, the U.S. government would have probably defunded them a long time ago.

But Clinton can’t do that, either, because most Democratic Party voters are not frothing feminist liberals. They may call themselves pro-choice, but they don’t consider themselves wanton baby killers. And many of them are just as disgusted with the footage as conservatives. They’ll find a way around that disgust, of course, but only if the left makes it easy on them. Position this as a big, extremist conspiracy theory instead of actual footage from actual abortionists. Hey, anything you have to do to sleep at night.

This episode give Republicans a golden opportunity to take the moral high ground and bring the abortion debate back to the forefront. Will they take it? Are there enough pro-life conservatives out there to stand up and say, “No more”?

Or will we once again concede this battle to the left and let millions of lives be thrown away?

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