Doctor Blasts MTV for Selling “Gender Confusion” to Teenagers

In a statement from the pro-family Ruth Institute, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse accuses MTV of promoting “gender confusion” with the latest season of their dating show, “Are You the One?”. The program, which debuted at the end of June, puts young people together through an algorithm which determines who “should” get together with each other. Then the contestants are set free to date around; if they can make the match that was determined by the computer, they can win a $1 million prize.

The problem with this season’s version of the show, says Morse, is that the contestants are all “gender fluid” to one degree or another.

“MTV isn’t promoting tolerance,” said Morse in her statement. “They’re selling the ideological agenda of the Sexual Revolution. An individual can no more change their sex than they can change their species. Your sex is biologically given at birth. The gender-confused should seek counseling to live with that reality.”

Morse noted that plenty of people who go through gender confusion come out the other side with horrified feelings about what their confusion led them to do. This includes the infamous case of Jamie Shupe, an Oregon man who made headlines in 2016 when he was officially declared America’s first “nonbinary person” in state documents. Shupe now considers himself a man again.

A few months ago, Shupe said he regretted putting himself through medical therapy in an attempt to change his sex.

“It was all a sham,” Shupe said. “I’m one of the lucky ones. Despite participating in medical transgenderism for six years, my body is still intact. Most people who desist from transgender identities after gender changes can’t say the same. But that’s not to say I got off scot-free. My psyche is eternally scarred, and I’ve got a host of health issues from the grand medical experiment.”

Morse slammed MTV for its “pathetic attempt” to make itself relevant in the age of LGBT activism.

“The cable network,” she said, “should be helping those with gender dysphoria, not trying to make their condition attractive.”

It would certainly be a nice change of pace if we could convince the larger American public to think in these terms, but the media has been extraordinarily successful in painting this ultra-rare mental disorder as some kind of new frontier in the quest for civil rights. We’re talking about a subset of the population that may include no more than 700,000 Americans – total.

But by the time the left has done their dirty work, that number could grow substantially, leaving hundreds of thousands of young Americans lost and adrift on a sea of psychological illness.

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