Feminist Slams Transgender Science: “Sex Changes are Impossible”

Feminism, mixed with the LGBT movement and plain-old “if it’s different, it’s better” liberalism, has hijacked the scientific community with their political notions of what should and shouldn’t be. That fact is leading us down a dangerous road in America and, frankly, the entirety of Western civilization, where there are no basic standards of truth anymore. The truth is…whatever hurts the fewest feelings. We’ve seen taboos raised around race, ethnicity, immigration, climate change, and many other areas where certain scientific viewpoints are simply not tolerated any longer. Not because they contradict the EVIDENCE, but because they contradict the ideology of the powers-that-be in academia.

Nowhere is this more apparent than on the issue of sex and gender identity. Here, we see a PURELY political agenda rapidly taking over the world of science, to the point where there’s simply no sanity left anymore.

Now some people are speaking out.

That includes feminist Camille Paglia, who is controversial within the movement because she doesn’t always go along with the latest RadFem trend coming out of UC Berkeley. She’s no one’s idea of a conservative, but you don’t have to study the writings of William F. Buckley to find yourself to the right of the LGBT legbeards who have no respect for (or intellectual understanding of) basic concepts like history, science, culture, or common sense. Just to ground yourself in facts is enough to be cast out of Third Wave Feminism as if you were Andrew Dice Clay.

“Although I describe myself as transgender (I was donning flamboyant male costumes from early childhood on), I am highly skeptical about the current transgender wave, which I think has been produced by far more complicated psychological and sociological factors than current gender discourse allows,” Paglia said in an interview with The Weekly Standard.

“The cold biological truth is that sex changes are impossible,” she continued. “Every single cell of the human body remains coded with one’s birth gender for life. Intersex ambiguities can occur, but they are developmental anomalies that represent a tiny proportion of all human births.”

She said that liberals could not pump kids full of puberty blockers and make claims like “gender is a social construct” while positioning themselves as the guardians of scientific logic.

“It is certainly ironic,” she said, “how liberals who posture as defenders of science when it comes to global warming (a sentimental myth unsupported by evidence) flee all reference to biology when it comes to gender.”

But irony can hardly even be used to describe a liberal position on anything, because nothing they say or do is tied to any foundation of thought, reason, or logic. They are the ultimate fairweather crew, dancing from idea to idea, regardless of how or whether it conflicts with their other ideas. This is one of the main reasons why they are a hazard to this country. An America based on nothing more than whatever feels good today is not an America destined to last another 240 years.

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