Group to Fight NY Abortion Law With Unprecedented Times Square Event

With New York having announced and celebrated the passing of one of the most expansive and destructive abortion laws in this nation’s history, several other states – fearful of what a conservative Supreme Court might do to Roe v. Wade – have signaled that they will follow in the Empire State’s footsteps. Already, Virginia, New Mexico, Massachusetts, and others have introduced bills that would rival New York’s in terms of expanding the legal limits of abortion. But while Democrat-led legislatures are pushing the abortion envelope further than it has ever been pushed, at least one pro-life group is determined to push back.

Focus on the Family is in the midst of a 12-week campaign called “See Life Clearly” – an attempt to show pro-life Americans that there is still hope for this nation’s future…and perhaps an attempt to convince some pro-choice voters that they have gone astray. The campaign’s culmination will be May 4 in New York City, where the group intends to put on an event for the ages.

“We’re looking to fill Times Square with pro-life Americans, and it will feature live music, compelling and inspirational speakers, and best of all, live 4-D ultrasounds broadcast on a massive digital marquee in Times Square, powerfully showing the world that a baby inside the womb is fully human and should be given the chance to be born,” Focus on the Family announced.

The decision to focus on ultrasound images was not a random one; the group’s president, Jim Daly, told LifeSiteNews that ultrasounds have played a critical role in deterring pregnant mothers from going through with abortions for years.

“For the past 15 years, we’ve been able to help save an estimated 425,000 babies by placing ultrasound machines in high-abortion areas,” Daly told LSN. “When abortion-minded women see an image of their baby on a screen, research suggests that 54% of them will choose not to abort.  Just last month at the March for Life, we announced a goal of saving a million lives by 2025. In the aftermath of the egregious NY legislation legalizing late-term abortion and the Virginia governor endorsing infanticide, we’re prayerfully hoping this will call greater attention to the plight of the preborn.”

At the end of the day, we can hope and wish and pray for the Supreme Court to change the laws governing abortions all we want, but the power to end this scourge lies elsewhere. If we really want to begin saving pre-birth lives, we have to change the culture and change the conversation. We have to wrest back the propaganda from the left and from evil organizations like Planned Parenthood. Events like this can make a difference. Maybe not overnight, but over time? Yes, we think it’s possible.

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