Hillary’s Health: Just One More Example of Her Deception

It remains to be seen if Hillary Clinton’s “pneumonia” is the true cause of the medical episode she experienced Sunday morning or not. Ordinarily, we might take that explanation at face value, but this woman has proven over and over again that anyone who puts their trust in her will soon regret it. She appears to lie not only when it serves her obvious interests but also when it’s simply the easier of two choices.

If it is “just” pneumonia, aggravated perhaps by seasonal allergies, then Hillary will likely soon be back on her feet and this health scare will fade from the headlines. If there is something else wrong with her – and videos have shown her coughing and wobbling long before now – then that will become apparent in the coming weeks. Either way, this is not something her campaign can dismiss as a conspiracy theory any longer.

But even if Hillary makes a full recovery, the damage has been done. Her physical health may cease to be an issue, but her fondness for deception will not. According to Clinton’s physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack, the former Secretary of State was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday and told to relax at home for a few days. Clinton declined to follow that advice, maintaining a campaign schedule that had her fundraising over the weekend and appearing at the 9/11 ceremonies in New York City on Sunday before heading off to California for a two-day jaunt. At no time, did she admit to reporters that she was ill.

Clearly, the persistent reports about her health contributed to this decision. Clinton hoped that she could attend all of her scheduled events and recover on the road, leaving the press and the American public none the wiser. That hope disintegrated on September 11, when she had to be lifted into a van by her Secret Service detail. The shocking video showed her going completely limp; she even lost a shoe as her staff ushered her into the van. Anyone who watches the video will be forced to ask themselves if this woman is really up to the physical demands of being president.

But the other question – Can we ever trust a word that comes out of this woman’s mouth? – is the more important one. And unlike the first question, this one has a very clear answer.

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