“It’s an X!” Washington Moves to Allow Third Gender Option

The state of Washington is gearing up to allow new parents to choose a third gender option for their newborn babies: the birth certificate designation of “X.” The move, currently under consideration by the Washington Department of Health, would put the state in line with its West Coast siblings Oregon and California, which have already provided for the third option.

In comments to a local news station, Department of Health spokesperson Christie Spice said the state was just trying to keep up with the changing times.

“More people are identifying as a gender other than a male or female and there’s growing demand for non-binary sex designations on all identity documents, including birth certificates,” she said.


While we don’t doubt that the LGBT activist army has been busy inundating Washington (and California and Oregon and every other state) with phony petitions asking for third gender options on official government documents, guess what? We don’t HAVE to bend over and take it up the rear every time some special interest group decides it wants to change the rules! It’s actually not necessary for our society to suddenly forget everything it knows about biology and common sense just to make 1/1000th of the population feel like they’re special.

Yes, we recognize that some babies are legitimately born “intersex,” but that phenomenon has nothing to do with the cultural trend of creating a third gender(less) option on birth certificates and drivers’ licenses. This has NOTHING to do with chromosomes or biology or genitalia and everything to do with the left’s desperate attempt to make people believe that gender is something you can simply choose…like an outfit or a major in college. Fifteen years ago – hell, FIVE years ago – we would have laughed this propaganda off as having no chance whatsoever of going mainstream, but it looks like the loonies will have the last laugh. Democrats are frightened of turning away these ludicrous activists, as though legions of transgender queer Marxists will suddenly switch to the Republican Party if they don’t get everything they demand.

But who are we kidding? Democrats eat this stuff up with a spoon, even as it erodes their chances of ever grabbing working class Americans back from the Republican Party. If it gives them a chance to shove their inane immorality in the face of Christian America, they’re all for it, no matter how nonsensical it might happen to be. And apparently, everyone from pediatric groups to psychiatrists to local government agencies are going along for the ride. Better to make sure everyone feels “accepted” than to take a stand for scientific reality, we guess.

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