Liberals Heartbroken as Pope Compares Abortionists to Nazis

Liberals have spent the last three years hanging on every word that comes out of Pope Francis’s mouth. Whether the progressive pontiff is talking about climate change, immigration, gays, or war, the left is entranced by his proclamations in a way that would make you (almost) believe that they’d traded in their secular gods for strict orthodox Catholicism.

What’s really happening, of course, is that they are cherry-picking his remarks to find only those sentiments that match their leftist ideology – not difficult to do with Francis, granted, but not a strategy that gives you a well-rounded picture of his views. At the end of the day, the man is still the Pope, and his positions are rooted in the Bible. For the most part.

This week, liberals were undoubtedly horrified when Pope Francis took aim at one of their most sacred cows: Abortion. In a speech to the Forum of Family Associations, Francis said he was dismayed by the trend of would-be parents and doctors screening the unborn for illnesses and disabilities, only to abort them if the tests turn out to show something wrong.

“It is fashionable, or at least usual, that when in the first few months of a pregnancy doctors do studies to see if the child is healthy or has something, the first idea is: ‘Let’s send it away,’” the pope said. “We do the same as the Nazis to maintain the purity of the race, but with white gloves on.”


The left has been having a field day for the last year and a half (and really, longer) comparing the actions of President Trump to those of Hitler, so it must be a nasty shock for them to finally see a valid Nazi comparison – one that turns around and slaps them right in their collective faces. Because there’s only one group of people in America performing the deeds of a modern Holocaust, and it ain’t the Trump administration.

You can compare the lawful detention of illegal immigrants to concentration camps all day long; it pales in comparison to the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of unborn children every single year – the tally of evil that belongs to Planned Parenthood alone. Abortions performed for every reason under the sun – from desperate situations like rape to truly vapid situations like the inconvenience a baby has on one’s party life.

And then there are the eugenics situations, such as that the Pope is talking about. Leftists have twisted morality to the point where they convince themselves that aborting a child with Down’s Syndrome is the “right” thing to do…for the child! When you have bought property in a lie that enormous, there’s literally nothing off limits. That is how real evil takes root.


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