Military Rushes to Prepare for Court-Ordered Transgender Acceptance

In accordance with court orders, the Pentagon is rushing to prepare recruiters and other military personnel for a January 2018 deadline, at which time they will be forced to accept transgender enlistees.

The order, which came as LGBT and civil rights groups challenged President Trump’s executive order barring transgender recruits from the military, is currently itself being challenged by the Justice Department. But unless they get an emergency stay – or at least a postponement – from the judge, these rules are going into effect next month. That means the military has to be ready on Day One to handle what amounts to an unholy influx of mentally confused, if not mentally ill, people joining the ranks of the world’s finest fighting force.

Because we don’t have anything better to do with our defense budget.

We suppose you could technically say that transgenders were always allowed in the military, they just couldn’t expect the military to actually acknowledge their special little requests and needs. That all changed when President Obama flipped the switch and decided that no federal agency, not even the Pentagon, could be exempt from his extremist liberal agenda. It’s not enough for the military to kill people and break stuff, they have to also make sure they’re on the cutting edge of the godless social agenda of the snowflake left.

You won’t even believe the amount of crap these military personnel have to learn and abide by just so a few dress-wearing men can serve in the Army.

“The military will require that the preferred gender of transgender applicants be verified by birth certificate, court order or passport,” reports the Washington Examiner. “Any recruits who had gender reassignment surgery or treatment for the gender dysphoria medical condition must show proof they have been stable and without further health issues for 18 months. During enlistment, the ‘chosen’ gender (not the actual gender) will be the determining factor in room assignments, height and weight standards, orthopedic and neurological exams, chaperone and bathroom assignments, and yes, underwear.”

This, of course, isn’t even getting into the surgeries and hormones that taxpayers will be on the hook for – costs which, incidentally, were the reason Trump reinstituted the ban in the first place. You can be sure those will now be a permanent part of the defense budget as we work tirelessly to ensure that men who think they’re women and women who think they’re men are completely comfortable defending our freedoms overseas.

Over the last twelve months, this administration has given us a lot of reasons to think our country is finally coming out of its eight year slide into insanity. Unfortunately, some signs of decay remain.

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