Nancy Pelosi Caught Breaking COVID Rules to Get Her Hair Done

Well, well, well, what do we have here? One of our Washington betters using her elitist privilege to work around the coronavirus rules meant for the rest of us lowly peasants? How very interesting.

On Tuesday, Fox News released an exclusive article showing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi getting her hair done at a San Francisco salon that has been shut down for months thanks to the local COVID lockdown. And while the rules were relaxed this week to allow the salon to resume work with customers outside, Pelosi is seen clearly in surveillance video inside the establishment. Without a mask around her face, by the way.

Caught red-handed, her office had no choice but to release a statement explaining why she felt entitled to this special treatment.

“The Speaker always wears a mask and complies with local COVID requirements,” said the statement, clearly at odds with the pictures. “This business offered for the Speaker to come in on Monday and told her they were allowed by the city to have one customer at a time in the business. The Speaker complied with the rules as presented to her by this establishment.”

Local mandates say that blow drying is still off limits, due to the risk of coronavirus in the air. Also, as we mentioned, masks are required indoors. Also, salons are only supposed to be open for outdoor services this week. Pelosi violated all three of those mandates, regardless of what the salon said.

Speaking of the salon, the business’s owner spoke to Fox News, saying she felt insulted.

“It was a slap in the face that she went in, you know, that she feels that she can just go and get her stuff done while no one else can go in, and I can’t work,” Erica Kious told Fox News. “We’re supposed to look up to this woman, right? It is just disturbing.”

Kious simply rents out space in the salon to independent stylists. She was informed ahead of time that one of her associates was going to accept the appointment with Pelosi, which left Kious in a difficult position.

“I was like, are you kidding me right now? Do I let this happen?” Kious said. “We have been shut down for so long, not just me, but most of the small businesses and I just can’t – it’s a feeling – a feeling of being deflated, helpless and honestly beaten down. I have been fighting for six months for a business that took me 12 years to build to reopen. The fact that they did this, and she came in, it’s like a slap in the face.”

Yeah, to all of us.

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