New Documentary Highlights the Connection Between Abortion and Race

A new documentary called “Divided Hearts of America” could be set to make a pro-life impact in a way that previous movies about the divisive topic of abortion have been unable to do. Produced by former NFL star Benjamin Watson – a devoted Christian who is committed to changing hearts and minds about one of this country’s most destructive practices – the film takes an approach that is sure to dismay liberal supporters of abortion. Instead of going over the same ground as countless films before it, Divided Hearts narrows its focus to one truly grim aspect of abortion: The way it targets Black America.

“This is our new civil war,” one person says in the movie. “In many ways, it’s a great moral battle for the soul of the country.”

Activist Walter Hoye was even more direct: “Black Americans are only 12, 13, 14 percent of the population tops, and yet we’re responsible for between 28 to 36 percent of all abortions in the United States of America. That’s not an accident. That’s genocide.”

In the film, Watson says that the media portrays the abortion argument as if the fierce divide is in the past and most everyone now agrees that the procedure should be legal and common.

“Many have claimed that Roe v. Wade has settled the issue once and for all,” Watson says. “But that’s clearly not the case. Abortion in America is anything but settled. In fact, the more I’ve looked into this controversial topic, the more unsettled I’ve become.”

The documentary isn’t solely about abortion’s disproportionate effect on the black community, but it is from that thesis that the film hits its most sobering heights.

“The thing that really changed my mind on that is I was thinking about slavery,” says Dr. Ben Carson in the movie. “And I said, slave owners thought that they owned people and that they had the right to do anything they wanted to do to them, including kill them. What if those others – the abolitionists – had said, ‘I don’t believe in it, but you can do whatever you want’? Where would we be now?”

Well, we would be almost exactly where we are today: In a country where Planned Parenthood is exterminating nearly one million lives a year before they ever had a chance to breathe their first breath. In a country where people stand in the street and chant “Black Lives Matter,” apparently oblivious to the black genocide taking place in clinics across America. In a country where Democrats feel emboldened to become so radical on the issue that they think the public is ready for doctors to leave fetuses to die on the operating table.

But Carson is right: Unless people fight back, this will continue to be the way it is. Hopefully, documentaries like “Divided Hearts” can recruit more Americans to the cause.

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