NY Times Columnist: Get Pro-Life “Fake News” Off Facebook

Liberals are tirelessly trying to wrestle back the term “fake news” from conservatives who know that no entity deserves that label more than the mainstream media. So we keep hearing the same lame cries of “fake” from these pathetic liars who think that Trump supporters will swallow any nonsense garbage they come across while REAL, PRESTIGIOUS journalism like the (failing) New York Times gets tossed out with yesterday’s coffee grounds.

In a column for the aforementioned Times, a “journalist” named Rossalyn Warren said that while it was admirable to see social media sites like Facebook take a proactive stance against fake news, they should go ahead and expand their definition to include “the vast amount of misinformation and unevidenced stories about reproductive rights, science, and health.” In other words, she wants Facebook to start slapping its “fake news” label on any news story that does not toe the feminist line on abortion.

She goes on to state as much, nearly outright, in her column.

“Evidence-based, credible articles about abortion from reputable news outlets like The New York Times and The Washington Post didn’t make it to the top of the list of ‘most shared’ articles on Facebook last year, according to BuzzSumo. But articles from the site LifeNews.com did,” Warren frets.

Hmm, maybe that’s because all of those painstakingly-researched articles from your favorite liberal newspapers were trumpeting the same “kill ‘em all” philosophy that the majority of Americans find objectionable and sick? Maybe it’s because websites like LifeNews actually portray human life as something worth revering and protecting? We know that’s a bizarre and radical view among people who think Planned Parenthood is the greatest organization in American history, but it’s quite a common sentiment outside Manhattan and Berkeley, California.

“LifeNews, which has just under one million followers on Facebook, is one of several large anti-abortion sites that can command hundreds of thousands of views on a single post,” Warren writes. “These sites produce vast amounts of misinformation; the Facebook page for the organization Live Action, for instance, has two million Facebook followers and posts videos claiming there’s a correlation between abortion and breast cancer. And their stories often generate more engagement than the content produced by mainstream news organizations.”

As pointed out by LifeNews, though, Warren never provides a single example of a time when their site – or Live Action – produced ANY misinformation, much less “vast amounts” of it. There are credible scientific correlations between the early termination of a pregnancy and breast cancer, whether or not that early termination comes about by way of an abortion. That’s a fact, not misinformation. It’s just a fact that feminists and abortion shills would rather see kept under a dark shroud of ignorance.

The problem Warren has is NOT with “fake news.” The problem she has is that anyone with a pro-life mentality is allowed to reach millions of Facebook users with what she would refer to as propaganda. Well, thems the breaks, honey. News and views don’t become fake simply because you don’t like them. They become fake when the agenda behind them is allowed to twist facts into fiction, shield readers from the truth, and point them towards a pre-determined conclusion that may or may not have anything to do with reality. Your column is a perfect example.

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