Obama Cracks Down on Healthcare Cheaters

On Tuesday, President Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services announced a new program designed to cut down on people taking unfair advantage of the Affordable Care Act’s off-season enrollment periods. In a statement, HHS said that systematic abuse was causing insurance premiums to rise for everyone else on the Obamacare exchanges.

“We are committed to making sure that special enrollment periods are available to those who are eligible for them, and equally committed to avoiding any misuse or abuse of special enrollment periods,” the department said.

HHS has said they will be asking for increased documentation from customers who claim to be eligible for enrollment outside of the official open-entry period that comes at the end of the year. Because the law requires insurance companies to take patients regardless of their current medical situation or their health history, HHS says that many people are only turning to the special enrollment periods when they are in immediate need of medical care.

“Some have said that additional changes are needed to prevent individuals from misusing special enrollment periods to sign up for coverage only after they become sick,” said the HHS statement.

You MUST buy health insurance…but you must ONLY buy it when we say and how we say.

Instead of digging around for “cheaters,” our government should start addressing the fundamental problems with this law – problems that are going to lead to the inevitable death of this insurance scheme if they are not solved. The biggest problem: relying on young, healthy Americans who have no particular interest in health insurance to support the rest of the risk pool. That’s not working. It was never going to work.

Of course, the left-wing alternative – universal single-payer coverage – is even worse. Then legions of irresponsible Americans suddenly become everyone’s problem. It would be the single-biggest expansion of federal welfare in our lifetime, if not our nation’s history. The line between capitalism and socialism would soon deteriorate to the point where the “American dream” would become just that: a dream. A dream of another generation, long dead, that had the sense to cherish freedom over unlimited comfort.


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