Obamacare Premiums Will Price Many Out of the Market

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, Americans searching for health insurance on the Affordable Care Act marketplace are in for a nasty surprise next month. In a new report, HHS confirmed that insurance premiums will go up an average of 25% in 2017, forcing many potential and existing customers to make an impossible decision.

“It’s over for Obamacare,” said Donald Trump at a rally in Tampa.

Though the HHS report is dismal, it’s not unexpected. The news from the individual state markets has been dreadful this year as major insurance companies pull out of the subsidized exchanges. With a patient base that is sicker than predicted, insurance companies have been unable to keep their premiums within reason. In some markets, Americans will have only a single insurance company from which to choose a plan.

Republicans like Rep. Ben Sasse said it was time for the Obama administration to address the systemic failures of the president’s signature law.

“We’ve reached this point because Obamacare is built on the lie that Washington’s bureaucrats are smart enough to plan health care for millions of Americans,” Sasse said. “At every turn – whether it’s co-ops collapsing, premiums skyrocketing, or big insurers bailing – the American people have paid the price. More spin won’t solve this – it’s time for the White House to admit that this law isn’t working.”

It seems that Obama and his fellow Democrats are getting closer to that point every day. Unfortunately, their solution is not to repeal and replace the healthcare law; it’s to double down on what makes the law so disastrous in the first place. Both Obama and Hillary Clinton have expressed support for a “public option” – an insurance company created and administered by the federal government that can go in and “compete” with private insurers. You can make your own predictions as to how long it will be before the federal government’s insurance company is the only available choice on the market.

In the meantime, millions of Americans will suffer due to the reckless, empty promises of the Obama administration. Once again, the benevolent federal government has been exposed as a myth. As the state grows stronger, the people grow weaker, just as it has always happened throughout human history. Unfortunately, whatever cold comfort we might get from our “I told you so’s” is dampened by the sorrow we feel for all of those people who are about to watch their Christmas savings disappear in a cloud of liberal deception.

One more time, with feeling: Thanks, Obama.


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