One Woman’s Shocking Look Inside the Abortion Industry

Americans with any sense of decency left in them have been horrified by the videos exposing the inner workings of Planned Parenthood. While the jury is still out on whether or not the abortion organization is actively breaking federal law, the undercover footage has thrust the subject of abortion back into the national spotlight.

If you thought watching Planned Parenthood employees discuss fetal tissue donations was disgusting, you’ll really be horrified by the testimony of Carol Everett. A former abortionist herself, Everett was led to the light by a Christian many years ago. Since then, she has dedicated much of her life to exposing the inner workings of the industry. And the tales she tells of her time inside the beast are harrowing.

The Catholic Register reported on Everett’s speech to attendees of the Rose Dinner for the National March for Life in Ottawa. There, Everett recounted her six years running four abortion clinics in Texas. She told the audience that she received a commission for every abortion she performed, pushing her wages well above $200,000 a year at her peak.

But it is what Everett said about the psychology behind abortions that is greatly disturbing. At the Rose Dinner and before, Everett has relayed the dirty tricks practiced by abortionists since the beginning. At a previous speech, Everett said, “I’m sure you’ve seen those numbers advertised that say ‘Problem Pregnancy,’ ‘Abortion Information,’ or ‘Pregnant?’. When a young girl finds out she is pregnant, she may not want an abortion, she may just want information.

“But when she calls that number that’s paid for by abortion money, what kind of information do you think she is going to get? Remember, they sell abortions. They don’t sell keeping the baby. They don’t sell giving the baby up. They don’t sell delivering the baby in any form. They only sell abortions.”

What Everett says about the industry makes speculation about Planned Parenthood almost irrelevant. Did they sell fetal tissue? Who knows. Does it even matter? This is an operation that only exists to foist abortions on young women. Mostly minority women, if the statistics are any indication. They present themselves as this mega-center of women’s health, but their primary focus is killing the unborn. Period.

“I cannot tell you one thing that happens in an abortion clinic that is not a lie,” Everett said. She said that the two biggest and most-repeated lies come in response to two common questions:

“Does it hurt?” and “Is it a baby?”

Abortion counselors will guide these women through these questions and others, never suggesting for a moment that there are other viable options. After all, Everett says, why would they? They are selling abortions, not full-term pregnancies.

We are facing a national crisis. Millions of babies are being thrown in the trash every year by the evil organization known as Planned Parenthood. Worse yet, we’re funding it every time we pay our taxes. If we can’t make abortion illegal, we can at least stop paying for it to exist.

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