Paroled Molesters in Alabama Will Now Be Chemically Castrated Before Release

Alabama is on a roll. Just a few weeks after passing one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country, Gov. Kay Ivey has just signed into law a new bill that will require sex offenders whose victims were younger than 13 to undergo chemical castration before being released into the parole program. This treatment, which involves suppressing the body’s ability to produce testosterone, is expected to remove the aberrant sex drive that led these men to commit horrible crimes in the first place.

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Steve Hurst, told that his only goal was to stop the sexual abuse of children.

“I’m very serious,” Hurst said. “Not only did I want it to pass, I want to follow it on through to the future where we can try to improve it. One of the ultimate goals that I want to do is for us to track it and to make sure what medication works for what individuals.”

Hurst told the outlet that victims of sexual abuse had come forward to thank him for pushing the measure forward.

“It’s amazing how many phone calls and how many emails I’ve gotten,” he said. “People not just in the state of Alabama but all over the world, things they went through.”

Alabama follows in the footsteps of Florida and California in passing the chemical castration law.

“The chemical castration law says sex offenders whose victims were younger than 13 will have to take ‘medroxyprogesterone acetate treatment or its chemical equivalent, that, among other things, reduces, inhibits, or blocks the production of testosterone, hormones, or other chemicals in a person’s body,’” reports the Birmingham News. ”The law requires the treatment to begin at least one month before a parolee is released. The parolee is required to pay for the treatment unless a court determines he cannot. The Alabama Department of Public Health will administer the treatments.”

Naturally, the ACLU is up in arms about it. Randall Marshall of the legal liberal outfit said that the law is probably in violation of the Constitution’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

“It’s not clear that this actually has any effect and whether it’s even medically proven,” he said. “When the state starts experimenting on people, I think it runs afoul of the Constitution.”

Frankly, these molesters are lucky that we don’t castrate them the old fashioned way. If they don’t want the treatment, they should be welcomed back to prison. Studies have shown that these types of sex offenders are immune to rehabilitation, so if the alternative is to put more children in danger? Well, that’s no choice at all.

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