Planned Parenthood Launches “Non-Partisan” Voting Campaign

If you made a list of American organizations without any hint of political bias, Planned Parenthood would naturally have to be at the top. Why, it’s the one organization everyone can agree to love and adore, is it not? And they’ve been so careful about staying above the political fray. Why, who could even say whether their leadership is comprised of conservatives or liberals? It’s a mystery.

It was apparently from this fantasy world that Planned Parenthood announced their new voter registration campaign. It’s the only possible explanation for their belief that people would think it could ever be “non-partisan.”

“The My Voice, My Vote campaign is a volunteer-led effort,” reads AbortionCo.’s press release. “Volunteers across 45 states will help make sure that everyone in their local communities has the opportunity to register and vote. In addition to voter registration, volunteers will host roundtable discussions on civic engagement, voter registration trainings, and events during National Voter Registration Day; build partnerships to set up voter registration tables at schools and other public places; and encourage people to commit to vote to ensure their voices are heard on election day, regardless of their background, beliefs, or political ideology.”

What do you imagine those “roundtable discussions on civic engagement” will look like? You think you’ll see a lot of positive, open-minded talk about the merits of Donald Trump? You think you’ll see some frank examinations of the pro-life position? Do you think, in other words, that a single conservative-minded person is going to be given a voice at these events? Or even show up?

But see, there’s the danger. Of course no one who considers themselves a conservative is going to go to a Planned Parenthood political event. They aren’t looking for conservatives or even liberals, really. That would more or less defeat the purpose of a get-out-the-vote campaign. They’re looking for young people who have no political ideology, so they can show them, “Hey, all that stuff you heard about Planned Parenthood is a total right-wing lie…you don’t want to vote for the liars, do you?”

No one reading this needs a rundown of how Planned Parenthood is a national cancer, but we do need to be fully aware that not everyone sees it from the same perspective. Don’t worry about the leftists; they’ll either find salvation or they won’t. Do worry about the young and uninformed, though; they don’t know the evil of abortion. They may “know it” but they don’t feel it, even if they consider it “wrong.” They are susceptible mostly because they haven’t deeply considered it at all, and if the abortion industry gets their clutches on these young men and women before they do, they may never wake up to the true nature of the atrocity.

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