Professor Says “The White Male” is the Biggest Coronavirus Problem

As we’ve seen all-too-clearly over the last month or so, woke politics won’t take a day off just because there’s a global pandemic in progress. As much as we thought that idiots in academia and Twitter would put their identity politics away until the coronavirus threat subsided, we were discouraged to realize that wasn’t the case. If anything, COVID-19 has only exacerbated this cultural infection. Not a day goes by that we don’t hear about the racism of blaming China for the virus. The disproportionate number of black people getting the virus in Louisiana. The “essential-ness” of transgender reassignment surgery during a public health crisis. It never ends.

Adding his voice to the fray is Richard Stokoe, a professor at the University of South Wales. In an article for the Huffington Post, Stokoe informed readers that the “biggest risk in spreading the virus” comes from the evil, obstinate WHITE MALE.


“The group that will disobey warnings in a crisis far more than any other is older white men. It is known as the ’White Male Effect’,” writes Stokoe, linking to a 2011 study that is undoubtedly as academically rigorous as most woke studies coming out of the field of modern sociology.

“Research repeatedly demonstrates that white men, especially older ones, consistently ignore warnings,” he continues. “They have a greater distrust of officialdom and experts, believe more in their own instincts to be right over anyone else’s and, have a higher tendency to not do what they are told even if it is for their own good or the good of others. They believe in their own invincibility and immortality.”

Right. This all sounds extremely scientific and not at all like something made up in the back halls of Intersectionality Institute.

Wait, aren’t these the same people who say that race is a social construct that’s just made up? How can you determine what “white males” are or are not doing, if there’s really no such thing as a white male in the first place? For that matter, isn’t gender just something we made up as well? Get your stuff together, Marxists! None of this makes any sense.

“The government has commandeered some of the best and most astute older white male minds to tackle the impact of coronavirus,” he goes on to explain. “Now they must reach out to the brightest in disaster management, behavioural economics, nudge theory, marketing and public relations, and ask them to solve the White Male Effect conundrum before it is too late.

“This effort must include women, ethnic minorities and younger people rather than another pale male cohort — otherwise the same mistakes will be repeated and more lives will be lost,” he concludes.

Exactly. Until we have transgender black teenagers running the coronavirus response, our world is surely doomed.

Then again, from everything we can gather, Stokoe himself is just a WHITE MALE, so apparently we can disregard everything he says.

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