Rep. Dan Crenshaw Blows Up Democrat-Fueled Coronavirus Myths

There’s a great deal of misinformation going around about the coronavirus, and while some of it is just your usual ignorance and social media nonsense, a lot of it is specifically designed and targeted to make President Trump look bad. On Saturday, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) took to Twitter to debunk the worst of these falsehoods in an effort to replace the disease known as fake news with the cure known as unfiltered truth.

We’ll see if the vaccine works as intended.

After assuring his followers that face masks will not be effective in helping people avoid the virus, Crenshaw turned his attention to some of the more politically-motivated lies about the disease.

He began by pointing out a recent Mike Bloomberg video that accused President Trump of cutting funding to the Center for Disease Control – an allegation that has gotten lots of traction from both the media and the other 2020 Democrats.

“This is false. They haven’t,” Crenshaw said. “The Associated Press had to fact check Mike Bloomberg for making this really dishonest claim. In fact, over the last five years, we’ve increased funding for a lot of the resources that we need for this kind of epidemic.”

Crenshaw addressed another myth being propagated by that old master of class warfare, Bernie Sanders.

“Is there a vaccine and would it only be available to the rich?” Crenshaw wrote. “Answer: Bernie Sanders seemed to suggest this recently, but it’s false. There is no vaccine, & there won’t be one probably for another year. Right now we’re focusing on better testing & treatment.”

Sticking with the Bernie theme, Crenshaw debunked the notion that a Medicare-for-All program would help us fight the coronavirus more effectively.

“Question #5: If we had Medicare for All, would we be better off in fighting the coronavirus?” he tweeted. “Answer: Absolutely not. Medicare for All and price controls would destroy the incentives needed for the private sector to innovate a vaccine or treatment.”

Finally, Crenshaw turned his attention to the biggest lie of all: That Trump said the coronavirus was a hoax made up by his political enemies.

“Is he really downplaying it? Of course not. What he was saying was, he’s tired of the Democrats trying to politicize this entire thing,” Crenshaw explained. “When he says, ‘Don’t panic,’ it doesn’t mean he’s not taking it seriously. It doesn’t mean that our government, as a whole, isn’t taking it very, very seriously. Of course, we should, but we also shouldn’t panic.”

Anyone with a smidgen of objectivity could see what the left is trying to do with this “opportunity” this virus has provided, and any news outlet with an ounce of integrity would have already done this fact-checking on their own pages/airwaves. That it falls to Rep. Crenshaw to correct the record is a pretty sad commentary on the state of affairs, but that’s apparently where we’re at now.

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