The Military Isn’t Supposed to Be a Social Justice Laboratory

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump shocked the nation (and some within his own administration) when he decided to roll back Barack Obama’s policy allowing transgender individuals to serve in the military. With a series of early morning tweets, Trump effectively put an end to one of the most misguided, unnecessary, social-justice-pandering decisions of Obama’s tenure as commander-in-chief, and in the process made a whole lot of liberals mad as hell.

The truth, though, is that Trump’s decision (though it may have been made for budgetary reasons) brought us a little closer to sane ground. The military is not supposed to be a laboratory for the left’s latest inane social justice theories. It’s bad enough that these idiotic “progressive” trends are worming their way into our public schools; we certainly cannot afford to have our troops distracted by them. Any personnel decisions that affect the military should, first and foremost, be based on how it affects readiness for war. And while liberals can try their damnedest, there’s no way they can convince us that having gender-confused Americans enlisted in the service furthers that cause.

From the way the left is freaking out, you’d think Trump was undoing a longstanding military policy with decades of precedent. The truth, though, is that he’s simply returning things to the way they’ve been since 1776 (and all the way up to 2016). It was OBAMA who dramatically changed the policy at the very last minute of his presidency; the start date for that policy has not even begun. From that perspective, Trump actually changed nothing at all. He simply scrapped a social justice plan that should have never been proffered to begin with. So let’s all just settle down, shall we?

But the left has, at best, a nodding acquaintance with reality, and that is clear with the way they look at the transgender explosion itself. They have managed to convince themselves that it is possible for a man to turn into a woman and vice versa. Yes, through hormones and transition therapy and surgery, but more fundamentally than that, merely though thinking it has already happened. In doing so, they have essentially decided that there is no such thing as a “man” or a “woman” except in the mind. Somehow, this odd conclusion did not cause the feminist industry to dry up and fly away overnight. Apparently denying reality means, first and foremost, that you can have your (gay wedding) cake and eat it, too.

Be that as it may, let’s at least keep these inane social theories restricted to free-thinking California liberals, progressive college classrooms, and the pages of Tumblr, shall we? Let’s not infect the nation’s military with this nonsense, seeing as how we depend on the troops to protect the country. Can we do that? Can we at least put SOME sort of theoretical boundary around the left’s insanity so it doesn’t have civilization-destroying consequences for the rest of us?

Trump says we can. Trump says we will. And while it’s not going to gain him any friends in the liberal blogosphere, that was probably a long shot to begin with. Thankfully, we have a president more concerned with being right than being popular.

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