University Publishes List of “Acceptable” Names to Call the Coronavirus

It’s been horrifyingly fascinating to watch American liberals dream up ways to make a global pandemic fit into their pre-determined matrix of priorities. You wouldn’t think that it would be all that easy to turn a deadly disease originating in Wuhan into a story of why we should open up the borders, but they managed to do it. You wouldn’t think there would be an opportunity to bash Christians and chip away at the Second Amendment, but they found it. You wouldn’t think that it would be possible to be more worried about politically correct terminology than the thousands of people dying from the coronavirus, but hey, we’ll never underestimate these liberals again. Somehow, uh, they find a way.

At Michigan State University, where you would naturally assume that administrators would be focused on keeping students safe throughout the crisis, they’ve instead chosen to make sure that everyone is on the same PC page. Because that’s really important at a time like this. To that end, they’re distributing a pledge entitled, “Hate Has No Home Here,” and they want every student to sign it (from a safe distance, we assume). The point? To stop students from using evil terms like “Chinese virus,” “Wuhan flu,” or any other nomenclature that might accurately describe where the coronavirus originated.

In an email to all students and staff this week, MSU advised everyone to use only the terms “novel coronavirus,” “SARS CoV-2,” or “COVID-19” when referring to the virus.

“Use the correct term for the virus,” the administrators warned. “No other names are acceptable.”

Not even Kung Flu? C’mon!

Here’s the pledge that students are supposed to sign: “I will work to make sure HATE HAS NO HOME HERE at MSU. I pledge to do my part in creating and sustaining a welcoming and inclusive environment at MSU. I pledge to not commit acts of hate. I pledge to be an active bystander and to prevent and address incidents of hate and bias.”

In other words, make sure you snitch on anyone still using racist terms to describe the disease. They even advise students to stand up “against the denigration of anyone in our Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi American community.” Because apparently anyone from any Asian background is offended when you make reference to the disease’s country of origin. Somehow.

Look, we get the impulse to protect students with an Asian background against direct smears and attacks. We don’t really believe that this kind of thing is happening with the frequency that the media is pretending, but we’re sure it’s happened a time or two. But the fact remains that this coronavirus DID come from China, and there’s nothing racist about saying as much. If this virus came from Denmark, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Australia, or any other “white” country, there wouldn’t be the slightest hesitation about calling it by a name that denoted its point of origination. The whole thing is so stupid.

Jeez, imagine if it came from Mexico…we’d have to call it an “undocumented microorganism” or something.

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