When New York’s Decisions Are So Bad That Even Chris Cuomo Bashes Them

As you undoubtedly know, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo is brother to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. That, along with the host’s usual Democrat-aligned biases, makes it nearly unheard of for him to criticize policy decisions being made about either the state or the Big Apple. But Mayor Bill de Blasio’s latest blunder is so inane that even the partisan Cuomo couldn’t keep his mouth shut. On his show Thursday, he lit into New York City for closing public schools, telling viewers that they were making decisions based on “fear and not enough fact.”

The subject came up as Cuomo interviewed Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has also cast doubts on the need to close schools even amidst an uptick in coronavirus cases.

“I am an antagonist, full disclosure, to the idea of how we’re handling schools,” Cuomo said. “It doesn’t make sense to me, Doc, that one case closes down a whole school. They don’t have any real ways of getting you testing. They have different kinds of tests and different periods.

“New York City just shut down all the schools,” he continued. “The rate in the city is 3%. What’s magic about 3%? The rate in the schools is 0.17 percent. Why close the schools? Why not close everything else before you close the schools? What am I getting wrong?”

“You’re getting nothing wrong,” Fauci said. “I agree with you completely. I think one of the things we need to do is to the best of our capability try to keep the kids in school.”

“So why aren’t more people upset about this?” Cuomo wondered. “Because we did a better job in 1918, in terms of educating kids outside, and keeping them in school than we’re doing right now. And I think it’s all fear and not enough fact.”

Cuomo then pivoted to the incoming administration, asking Fauci if he had the doctor’s permission to hold Biden accountable for a plan to keep kids in school.

“I’m just trying to figure out if it’s the right thing to chase,” Cuomo said. “I mean, Trump, that administration, he’s a revenant. But when Biden comes in, am I wrong to chase after them and say, ‘You got to own schools. You have to own what the right guidance is for people, the right standards, the right thresholds?’

“Because everything we’re doing with schools is making things worse, hard for families,” he continued. “They can’t work. There’s a lot of stress and anxiety. It’s tough for the teachers and their families. The testing isn’t there, and, and the inequities. Kids are already unequal based on income and where they live. And now, they don’t have the same technology or Wi-Fi or equipment. A lot of kids need help. The kids who need help can’t get the help, as everything’s exacerbated. Should I chase them to own it?”

“Yes. Go ahead,” Fauci replied. “I would encourage you to do it.”

We’re not going to hold our breath waiting for Chris Cuomo – or any other liberal media star – to hold Joe Biden accountable for anything, but hey, maybe we’ll be surprised.

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