YouTube Deletes Candace Owens Videos Rejecting Fake Transgender Science

The left has done an excellent job of spreading their “boys can be girls and vice versa” propaganda across the country over the last five years, but it certainly doesn’t hurt their anti-scientific efforts when they are fully ready and willing to censor any viewpoint that goes against this harmful narrative. YouTube proved this week that they are on board with this strategy when they went back into the PragerU archives and deleted two episodes of “The Candace Owens Show” that rejected the left’s transgender fairy tale science.

Michael J. Knowles, a writer for The Daily Wire, tweeted Tuesday that YouTube had removed a July 2019 video in which he discussed the transgender movement with Owens.

“YouTube just deleted my 16-month-old interview on the @realCandaceO show for ‘hate speech,’” Knowles said, “presumably because I mention in our conversation that men are not women.”

The horror!

“I honestly cannot even believe how absolutely batshit woke you have to be to believe basic truth to be ‘hate speech,’” Owens tweeted about the removed videos.

The other video was more recent – a conversation Owens had with author Abigail Shrier, who recently wrote a book about the destruction the transgender “craze” was having on teenage girls, specifically. The book is actually not a wholesale condemnation of transgender people, but it does an excellent job laying out the evidence that early-life medical interventions – surgery, hormones – are happening with far “too little oversight.” Leftists have been zealously trying to cancel both the book and its author.

“@YouTube has deleted a second Candace Owens Show @RealCandaceO video today – this time with @AbigailShrier,” PragerU tweeted. “It’s now ‘hate speech’ to discuss how transgenderism impacts the children who transition.”

The left is increasingly terrified of any ideas that go against their narrative, and it’s no wonder why. They have embraced fantasy after years of declaring themselves the Party of Science. They are actively promoting child abuse and catering to Woke Twitter at the expense of normal Americans from coast to coast. The only way to keep pushing these boundaries is to make it seem like there IS no other argument – or at least that any other argument is akin to bigotry (if not outright Nazism). Shutting down dissent is their last resort.  

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