1619 Project Creator Backtracks From Promoting Insane Conspiracy Theory

If Nikole Hannah-Jones really wants to take responsibility for pushing fake, racist news into the atmosphere, she should start by giving back her Pulitzer Prize and disavowing her 1619 Project, which argues – badly – that the United States was built for the primary purpose of enslaving and oppressing black people. But since she’s not likely to do that in this century or any other, we’ll have to be satisfied with her apology for promoting a ridiculous conspiracy theory that accused “government forces” of terrorizing the black community in New York with fireworks.

“I should not have retweeted that tweet thread. I was curious about what other people thought of it as I have seen lots of comments on the unusual nature of fireworks this year, but I did not make that clear,” Hannah-Jones said in an email to National Review. “That was an irresponsible use of my platform and beneath my own standards, which is why I deleted my Tweet.”

Earlier this week, Hannah-Jones promoted a tweet by Brooklyn writer Robert Jones Jr., who correctly noted that there has been a whole lot of fireworks in the area over the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, that was the extent of Jones’s correctness.

“This is a coordinated attack on Black and Brown communities by government forces,” wrote Jones in the tweet promoted by Miss 1619 herself. “There is NO WAY IN THE WORLD that young Black and Brown people would otherwise have access to these PROFESSIONAL fireworks. These are Macy’s July 4th/New Year’s-level displays and sonic booms reserved generally for the wealthiest people and institutions.”

Jones surmised that the fireworks represented “the first wave before whatever the next stage of the attack is,” which we assume made sense in his head before he committed it to Twitter.

But, he theorized, it “could also be the police attempting to retaliate against our calls to defund/abolish the police by creating the circumstances for a continuous public nuisance and then purposely failing to respond to it.”

Uh-huh. We can only guess that Robert Jones, Jr. is what happens when college students are more interested in stifling free speech than they are in studying.

For Nikole Hannah-Jones to promote this insanity is an embarrassment to The New York Times, the Pulitzer organization, and humanity in general – none of which needed any further embarrassment. Next time these grifters start yakking about systemic racism here, there, and everywhere, just remember that this is the kind of looney-tune stuff they believe in. Maybe we should stop buying into their delusions.

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