Adam Schiff Humiliates Himself Once Again With Fake Allegations

The list of Democrats who befouled their reputations during the 2-year Russian conspiracy saga is nearly endless, but few on Capitol Hill did as much damage to their reputational integrity than House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA).

At every possible opportunity, Schiff brought his bulging eyes to the cable news airwaves to breathlessly accuse Trump of committing some form of treason against the United States. Often sounding more like a representative of the Hillary Clinton campaign than a U.S. lawmaker, Schiff persistently made promises about evidence as-yet-unseen by the public. When it all came out in the wash, he promised, the American people would see Trump for the criminal that he is.

It never came to pass. When the Mueller report was released and the special counsel testified in front of Congress, it became blindingly obvious that Schiff had been talking out of his rear. There was no secret evidence. The only thing being withheld from the public was the fact (discerned as early as mid-2017, by our best guess) that Trump and his campaign were utterly innocent of the collusion crimes being alleged. For some reason, Schiff not only kept his job as a U.S. congressman (a respectable man would have resigned in disgrace) but actually stayed in his position atop the House Intelligence Committee.

And, with the Ukraine nonsense the latest hotness in Washington, Schiff proved that he’s learned absolutely nothing from his prior behavior.

Before the transcript of the call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was released to the public, Schiff solemnly predicted that it would show that Trump had “crossed the Rubicon” into impeachable territory.

Spoiler: It didn’t.

That’s why Democrats have been so eager to move beyond the transcript – what was actually said between Trump and Zelensky – and move on to the whistleblower complaint, which only talks about what “might” have been talked about in the call. Why would we go backwards in this way? Well, because we now know that the call is barely interesting, much less evidence of criminal activity. It’s much more salacious to go back to the complaint and inundate the public with the “disturbing” details that the partisan whistleblower imagines might be in the call.

But then, Democrats like Schiff still believe there was something to that whole Russian conspiracy thing, even after Mueller debunked it.

“It’s bad enough Trump sought help from a foreign power in the last election,” he tweeted on Tuesday. “It’s worse still that he obstructed the investigation into his misconduct. Now he‘s admitted using his office to coerce another country to interfere in 2020. I fully support the impeachment inquiry.”

Oh so do we, Mr. Schiff. Nothing could guarantee Trump’s re-election better. And then, as Darth Vader might put it, your failure will be complete.

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