Advertiser Says It’s Time to “Rebrand” Climate Change to Hype People Up

In one of the most stunning, essay-length admissions the left has ever made about the truth of climate change, Siegel+Gale branding director Aaron Hall wrote a missive this week calling on the left to “rebrand” climate change so that the community could do more to “grab attention and inspire people to take action.” AKA, vote for Democrats and drag our country further towards the powerful, unyielding state that all leftists want in the end.

Hall, a marketing specialist, is worried that bland scientific terms like “climate change” and “global warming” aren’t doing enough to hype up the population for major, drastic change. And with the world ending in only about six or seven years (according to the dopiest left-wing politicians in Washington), Hall says it’s time to play with the language a bit.

“Originally, politicians latched onto global warming because it sounded more worrisome (the Earth is heating too fast). But it was too easy to poke holes in because the Earth was also getting colder. During polar vortex storms, skeptics often tweet that it ‘sure would be nice for some of that ‘global warming’ right about now.’ Politicians then pivoted to ‘climate change.’ This concept was less easy to deny, but also less compelling and less actionable,” Hall explains.

You really have to love that sentence: “It was too easy to poke holes in because the Earth was also getting colder.” Our big theory was fallible because, well, it wasn’t exactly true. We had to change terms to something vague and meaningless just so we could get around those pesky fact-checkers on the right!

So anyway, Hall has identified the problem, so let’s take a look at the new terms he and his team are proposing.

Would the world be sufficiently frightened if we changed global warming to “global meltdown”? That’s one of their suggestions.

What about “climate collapse” or “climate chaos”? Would that turn everyone into Greta-worshippers?

Or how about:

Scorched Earth

It’s time to take the gloves off and stop pretending. Sometimes a brand name needs to be hyperbolic to truly capture hearts and minds. If we don’t take massive action now, Earth will be uninhabitable — an irreversible barren wasteland. Plants and animals will die. Humans won’t be able to survive extreme weather like floods, droughts and fires. If we don’t change, we won’t even be able to spend time outside. “Scorched Earth” paints the direst picture of what’s to come and what we must avoid and is likely the edgiest brand name from our exploration.

We kinda wanted to end this article by making up some fun alternative terms the left could use, but when they’re already at the point of suggesting “Scorched Earth,” they’ve pretty much insulated themselves from parody. How can you mock something that comes pre-packaged as the most ridiculous thing you could imagine? All you can do is point and laugh.

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