AP Sheds a Tear as Trump’s Republican Critics Leave the Senate

The Associated Press ran a story on Tuesday lamenting the fact that, with a new class being sworn in on Capitol Hill, many of Trump’s fiercest Republican critics would now be…well, somewhere else. Claiming in their headline that this “leaves a void” in Washington, the AP said their departure raises the question of “who – if anyone – will take their place as willing to publicly criticize a president who remains popular with nearly 9 in 10 Republican voters. Because, naturally, the only Republicans the liberal media likes are those willing to carry dirty water for the Democratic Party.

From the AP:

President Donald Trump’s most prominent GOP critics on Capitol Hill are days away from completing their Senate careers, raising the question of who — if anyone — will take their place as willing to publicly criticize a president who remains popular with nearly 9 in 10 Republican voters.

Sens. Jeff Flake of Arizona and Bob Corker of Tennessee engaged in a war of words with the president on myriad issues over the past 18 months, generating headlines and fiery tweets from a president who generally insists on getting the last word. Those battles put them on the outs with many in their own party, and they paid a price. Both decided to retire rather than take on a difficult re-election campaign.

Flake was far and away Trump’s most consistent critic among Senate Republicans. Corker weighed in less often, but his description of the White House as an “adult day care center” rankled the president, who dubbed him “Liddle’ Bob Corker.” The feud continued as Corker headed for the exits, with Trump asserting that Corker’s promise to serve only two terms was not the real reason he retired. Rather, Corker “wanted to run but poll numbers TANKED when I wouldn’t endorse him,” Trump tweeted.

At no point in the article does the Associated Press tell us exactly what will be missed with these NeverTrumpers out of the Senate. Was it really improving the state of the nation to have Jeff Flake blathering on about how Trump was reminiscent of Josef Stalin? Are we going to be less as a country without Bob Corker making his lame cracks about adult day care? What did either of these two phonies do for the country? We’re sure they set themselves up nicely for some commentary positions on CNN or MSNBC, but what “void” did they leave in Washington?

The AP is hopeful that Sens. Ben Sasse and Mitt Romney will take up the mantle, but unless this is just a “damn, we could have impeached him” lament in disguise, we’re not sure what the point of this report really is. Both the Senate and the Republican Party were improved the day Corker and Flake went home.

As for the Democrats, they seem to have no trouble attacking Trump all on their own.

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