Are Democrats Ready to Build the Wall in Exchange for DACA?

In an interview with New York’s 970 AM, Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) said that Democrats might be willing to fund some form of President Trump’s border wall if it meant securing amnesty for Dreamers. While Blumenthal hedged a bit on what kind of “wall” his party would go for, his message seems to indicate that Democrats are beginning to realize they aren’t going to get the clean DACA bill their Hispanic activist coalition is demanding.

Blumenthal insisted that there was an opportunity “to be bipartisan in devising solutions to make our borders more secure using surveillance and sensors, better training for agents who patrol our borders, using new technologies, strengthening some of the physical structures and fence.”

“If the president wants to call it a wall, so be it,” he said. “Investment in border security is certainly important, and, particularly, if we do establish on DACA a path to citizenship, I’m hoping we can find a bipartisan way forward on both DACA and the wall that the president has insisted on building. But everyone agrees there isn’t going to be a wall from sea to shining sea.”

Bipartisanship was the word on Blumenthal’s mind; he told host John Catsimatidis that he was hopeful that the same spirit that passed the budget deal could carry over into the immigration debate.

“Bipartisanship has broken out in at least some areas,” he said. “I hope we can carry forward this bipartisan cooperation in other areas like reforming and rebuilding our immigration system, which is sadly broken. We do a lot better when we work in the Congress – at least in the Senate – across the aisle, frankly, without listening to some of the taunts and rants that we hear from the White House.”

Well, that may be true and it may just be Blumenthal’s attempt to make sure he stays on the good side of his base. Either way, no immigration deal is getting passed without President Trump’s signature, so if Blumenthal or any other Democrat thinks the game is “Oh, if we just ignore the White House everything will be peachy,” they’ve got another think coming. Trump’s voters are counting on this Congress to pass HIS agenda, and the president has already promised not to sign any DACA deal that does not include funding for the wall.

One thing is certain: Republicans, including Trump, had better not pass any form of amnesty without getting a hell of a deal in return. Bipartisanship is great; letting the Democrats call the shots because too many Republicans are scared to take a hard line on immigration? Not great. Not acceptable. This is an easy one to NOT screw up.

So why do we have such a bad feeling about it?


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