Attorney General Barr on George Floyd: “Justice Will Be Served.”

In a statement on Saturday, Attorney General William Barr promised that both the Justice Department and Minneapolis prosecutors were committed to finding justice in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of police. But Barr was quick to warn that federal law enforcement authorities would not stand for the violence and rioting currently rocking American cities, and he suggested that left-wing agitators were largely responsible for the destruction in Minneapolis, Atlanta, and other major cities.

“The greatness of our nation comes from our commitment to the rule of law,” said Barr. “The outrage of our national community about what happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis is real and legitimate. Accountability for his death must be addressed and is being addressed, through the regular process of our criminal justice system, both at the state and at the federal level.

“That system is working and moving at exceptional speed,” he continued. “Already initial charges have been filed. That process continues to move forward. Justice will be served.”

Indeed, only days after Floyd’s death, Officer Derek Chauvin has been fired and charged with 3rd-degree murder and manslaughter.

Barr then turned his attention to the violence, arson, and looting that has kept Americans transfixed for days.

“Unfortunately, with the rioting that is occurring in many of our cities around the country, the voices of peaceful protest are being hijacked by violent radical elements. Groups of outside radicals and agitators are exploiting the situation to pursue their own separate and violent agenda,” he said.

“In many places, it appears the violence is planned, organized, and driven by anarchistic and far-left extremists, using Antifa-like tactics, many of whom travel from out of state to promote the violence,” Barr continued.

Barr said that federal and local law enforcement officials were working close in hand to bring order back to inner-city America.

“We must have law and order on our streets and in our communities, and it is the responsibility of the local and state leadership, in the first instance, to halt this violence,” he said. “In that regard, it is a federal crime to cross state lines or to use interstate facilities to incite or participate in violent rioting. We will enforce these laws.”

It’s unclear at this point how much of this violence can actually be attributed to “outside” groups. Barr is saying it is Antifa and other left-wing agitation groups. Democrats are (insanely) trying to blame white supremacists and Trump supporters for infiltrating the protests. But the overwhelming evidence shows that the people arrested in these cities…live right there in those cities. Sometimes there isn’t any grand conspiracy, no matter how much people might like to believe it’s so.

Well, we suppose decades of Democrat rule in these cities might be a conspiracy of sorts…but it’s probably one too mundane to attract any significant attention.

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