Be Suspicious: Democrats Suddenly Gung-Ho About Pouring Money into IRS

After showing absolutely no interest in giving extra funds to the Internal Revenue Service for the last four years, House Democrats are suddenly excited about pouring money into the agency. The new push to expand the IRS with $5.2 billion in money that would go to “enforcement activities” has conservatives worried that Joe Biden’s tax cops will once again be let loose on the administration’s political enemies – just like it was when Obama was in charge.

“You’ll see tremendous politicization of the IRS during a Biden administration,” tax activist Grover Norquist told Fox News. “There will be an effort to bulk up and harass, first, small businesses, then they will go after political groups. Democrats weren’t looking to throw the money into the IRS when Trump was president. But they want to do it now.”

In a letter sent out on November 25th and signed by 25 lawmakers, House Dems called for a $12.1 billion increase in IRS funding, with half of that money earmarked for the aforementioned “enforcement activities.”

“The strength of IRS enforcement activities must be a priority for Congress, especially considering the additional measures Congress enacted under the CARES Act to lessen the financial burden of the COVID-19 pandemic,” the Democrats wrote. “Specifically, increasing the examinations and collections budget by $20 billion over 10 years increases revenues by $61 billion, and if it is increased by $40 billion over 10 years it would increase revenues by $103 billion.”

Conservative activists, however, say they are not as concerned about budgeting as they are about the conduct of agents inside the IRS. Tea Party activist Jenny Beth Martin, who was deeply involved in defending patriot groups from their unfair targeting in the Obama era, said that it’s essential that the IRS respect the constitutional rights of both American groups and individuals.

“At the IRS, the question is not will they get more money for enforcement, but will they return under a Biden administration to acting as they did under the Obama-Biden administration?” Martin said. “Will they suspend the First Amendment for their political foes, as they did before? That does not require a change in the size of their bank account. That is simply a function of attitude, and whether or not they are going to treat the public they serve with dignity, respect and consideration for their constitutional rights.”

The scandal under Obama, which came to light after the Treasury Department’s inspector general found that the agency was specifically going after conservative groups for their tax-exempt status, was one of the darkest chapters in IRS history. That Democrats are suddenly so interested in throwing money at the agency in the wake of the election should be a big, bright red flag.

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