Behind the Media Smears, Trump Had an Astounding 2018

If you got all of your information from the mainstream media, not only would you be a drooling moron with no real clue about what’s going on in the world, you would also believe that President Trump is in a neverending downward spiral that will result in his presidency being declared a disastrous failure by every reasonable observer. From concentration camps on the border to porn stars coming out of the woodwork to committing treason in Helsinki, Trump’s 2018 gave solidity to our worst fears about the real estate magnate from New York, and it’s only a matter of time before Republicans and Democrats join hands to catapult him out of our lives forever.

The truth is, though, behind all the media smears, Donald J. Trump had one of the single-most successful years that any president in history could ask for.

Look at the trade war with China. Every economist on the planet (including a few in the White House) was begging Trump not to impose tariffs on Chinese imports. The president, however, has been railing against China and how they are taking advantage of the United States for more than thirty years, and he wasn’t about to let a bunch of establishment blowhards prevent him from keeping his promises. He slapped the tariffs on, and he turned the screw when China tried to retaliate.

Was this an economic risk? Absolutely. But it is already paying dividends, with the Chinese agreeing to a number of concessions including a crackdown on fentanyl. And according to reports, this could only be the beginning of a potentially blockbuster new trade agreement between our countries. Trump did the impossible with the renegotiated NAFTA, and there’s no reason to expect anything less from his negotiations with China. Immense win.

Look at the domestic economy. Leftist pundits are continuing to tell us that the tax bill is a disaster for the country. Meanwhile, our GDP is up past 4%. The stock market has been in turmoil over the last month, but for as much as Trump likes to take credit for the Dow Jones when things are going well, the correlation between a president’s actions and the rollercoaster on Wall Street is a tough one to make. Could the bottom fall out of the economy over the next year? Certainly. But that doesn’t change the fact that this president has presided over one of the strongest economies in modern American history. If he were a Democrat, this would be the only thing you would ever read about.

Look at foreign policy, where Trump’s pressure on our NATO allies has finally resulted in them ponying up the money they’ve been squirreling away for so long. Look at his actions in Syria, which might prevent the U.S. from getting embroiled in yet another unending overseas occupation. Look at his courage in moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, a bold move that every president since Clinton has been too afraid to move forward with.

Oh, and he pulled us out of the Iran nuclear agreement, which, all by itself, puts him leagues ahead of the man who put us in it.

Because he’s now dealing with a divided Congress, Trump’s 2019 is unlikely to be as successful as his first two years in office. That’s a damn shame, given all the good his presidency has done for this country, but it’s just a political reality. Nonetheless, no one can take from Trump what he has already done, and it’s MORE than enough to recommend him – strongly – for re-election in 2020.


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