Bernie Sanders Supporters Say Establishment is Trying to Railroad Them Again

When the media talks about the Russian DNC hack of 2016, they inevitably do so within the framework of bashing President Trump or, at the very least, making excuses for the loss of Hillary Clinton. Rarely do they ever mention the content of those leaked emails anymore. No, that would be too unseemly. That would be too much like helping the enemy; i.e. Donald Trump.

But there is at least one faction of voters who have not forgotten the contents of those emails. They haven’t forgotten how they proved demonstrably that the DNC was aligned against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. They haven’t forgotten that the DNC was an extension of the so-called Establishment, and that it functioned as little more than an extension of the Clinton campaign apparatus. Furthermore, according to the Washington Times, they are worried that the DNC is getting ready to do the same thing again – except this time with Joe Biden.

From the Washington Times:  

“The mainstream media and the DNC are colluding against the American people. That’s what it feels like. It’s the same thing all over again,” said Massachusetts neuroscientist Laurie Cestnick, a Sanders supporter who founded Occupy DNC to protest the nomination of Mrs. Clinton at the party’s 2016 convention in Philadelphia.

If they feel jilted again, Ms. Cestnick and fellow activists say they are not afraid to stage another revolt at the 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, even if doing so damages the party’s nominee ahead of the general election contest against President Trump.

Sanders backers already mistrust polls that show Mr. Biden with a commanding lead and the news organizations that have put a spotlight on the former VP since he joined the race April 25.

“People are becoming more upset and becoming more firm behind Bernie due to mainstream media not covering a lot of his events and the strong push for Biden,” Ms. Cestnick said. “Is 2016 going to happen all over again? It is sure feeling like it. But I tell you, they are going to see a fight like they have never seen before.”

Not to defend the corrupt DNC by any means, but this kind of talk from the Bernie Bros always struck us as somewhat petty and pouty. You can say that the “establishment” wants Biden, but how to explain all of those articles and TV pieces about how “out of touch” Biden is with the current liberalism running through the party? How to explain all the focus on his #MeToo violations? Is it possible that Bernie Sanders just isn’t as popular as his fans want him to be? Not because there’s some conspiracy against him, but because he’s an old Marxist whose policies scare the hell out of anyone who remembers the Cold War?

Frankly, we’d love nothing more than for Bernie to get the nomination, because Trump would crush him into bonemeal in the general. Not only would that give us another four years of MAGA, it would also destroy this ascending socialist movement. That’s the kind of 2020 outcome we would love to see.

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