Biden Hits Bernie: Castro Remarks “Part of a Larger Pattern”

Well, at long last it seems that the other Democratic nominees for president are starting to notice that Bernie Sanders is running away with the race. With (very) limited time to play catch-up, Bernie’s opponents are shifting into high-gear, training their attacks on the socialist cult leader currently on a clear highway towards the nomination. First out of the gate is former Vice President Joe Biden, whose star has fallen precipitously since voting began in Iowa this month.

Biden wisely focused his attack on Sanders’ “60 Minutes” remarks, where instead of disavowing positive things he’s said in the past about Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, he actually decided to double down and praise Castro for bringing high-literacy programs to the island country.

“It’s unfair to simply say everything is bad, you know?” Sanders told Anderson Cooper on Sunday. “When Fidel Castro came into office, you know what he did? He had a massive literacy program. Is that a bad thing?”

On Monday, the Biden campaign released a statement telling voters that Sanders’ support for the Castro regime was not a one-off anomaly.

“Make no mistake,” the campaign said, “Bernie Sanders’s comments on Fidel Castro are a part of a larger pattern throughout his life to embrace autocratic leaders and governments across the globe. He seems to have found more inspiration in the Soviets, Sandinistas, Chavistas, and Castro than in America.

“His admiration for elements of Castro’s dictatorship or at least willingness to look past Cuba’s human rights violations is not just dangerous, it is deeply offensive to the many people … that have fled political persecution and sought refuge in the United States,” the statement continued.

Biden’s campaign went on to say that Sanders’ democratic socialist ideology “blinds him to the realities of life in Communist countries.”

Sunday was not the first occasion on which Sanders offered praise for the Cuban dictatorship. At times, Sanders has said he admired Cuba’s position during the Cold War and said he was “very excited and impressed by the Cuban Revolution.”

According to some estimates, Castro’s totalitarian regime has the blood of more than 100,000 Cubans on its hands.

Whenever the subject of the conversation turns to Sanders’ socialism, both he and his supporters are quick to bring up Norway and excise countries like Cuba and Venezuela from the conversation. But that trick loses a lot of its oomph when Sanders can hardly bring himself to say a cross word about some of the worst communist dictatorships in history. There has to be some reason that he is so taken with Cuba, the Soviet Union, and Venezuela. But until his opponents hold his feet to the fire, we suppose it will remain a mystery.

Not a very good mystery, mind you, but a mystery nonetheless…

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