Biden Takes South Carolina, but Bernie May Be Too Far Ahead

Former Vice President Joe Biden made personal history on Saturday night when he won his first primary state – in history. Yes, even though this is Biden’s third try at winning the Democratic nomination, his win in South Carolina marks the first time he’s ever shown any particular signs of life among the electorate.

Biden’s win also gave temporary life to a campaign that seemed doomed. Once seen as the man most likely to run against President Trump in the fall, Biden’s fortunes have been hit by numerous reality checks in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. It’s fair to say that if he hadn’t won South Carolina decisively, his quest for the White House would’ve effectively been over.

This victory at least gave him another few days of hope, even if it all may come crashing down on Tuesday night.

But make no mistake about it, Biden’s win in South Carolina was no small feat. He dominated at the ballot box, winning more than 50% of the vote and leaving 2nd place Bernie Sanders in the dust. With this single win, Biden nearly caught up to Bernie in the overall delegate count.

Unfortunately for him, the polls show that Sanders will keep that lead alive on Super Tuesday, so unless Biden can really turn this South Carolina win into some major momentum, it may be a case of too-little, too-late. If Biden doesn’t come up with at least 15% in California, for example, this race is all Sanders.

At CPAC on Saturday, President Trump did not seem overly concerned about the limited prospect of facing Biden in the general election.

“How could you be easier to beat than Joe? The guy can’t put two sentences together,” Trump said. “He’s not going to be running the government. He’s just going to be sitting in a home someplace and people are going to be running it for him.”

Biden’s campaign responded with a nice little piece of fantasy fiction: “A year from now, Joe Biden will have brought character, honor, and decency back to the White House. He’ll be rebuilding the American middle class, fighting to give every American healthcare — instead of trying to cost millions their coverage — rallying the world against climate change, and reversing Donald Trump’s repugnant and un-American immigration policies. Donald Trump, on the other hand, will be ranting on Twitter about how Deutsche Bank is refusing to give him a loan for ‘Trump Tower Moscow: The Second Try.’”

There was a bit of cleverness in that last sentence, which is how you know Biden had nothing to do with writing it.

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