CNN Hack: Trump Must Be Desperate to Call These Riots…Riots!

CNN hack editor Chris Cillizza was mercilessly and deservedly shamed this weekend when he posted a tweet criticizing President Donald Trump for referring to the violent unrest in Portland and elsewhere “riots.” Accompanying his tweet with a picture of a building engulfed in flames (thus taking this whole thing into Babylon Bee territory), Cillizza said that Trump’s commentary on the violence is a sign of how desperate he is to make gains against Joe Biden.

“Trump’s efforts to label what is happening in major cities as ‘riots’ speaks at least somewhat to his desperation, politically speaking, at this moment,” Cillizza opined idiotically.

But really, you have to see the photo that accompanied this absurd message to fully appreciate how far down the rabbit hole we are here:

Yeah, that definitely looks like the result of an MLK-style nonviolent march.

His tweet linked to a longer piece on the CNN website where Cillizza wrote:

Trump, sensing that the race is slipping from him, has latched on to the events following the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha earlier this month as a sign not of peaceful protests but of radical leftists rioting and destroying cities.

The President’s planned trip to Kenosha on Tuesday will give him a huge platform to make that case. “He will meet with law enforcement and survey damage from recent riots,” according to the pool report announcing the trip.

“He’ll use that grieving city as a backdrop for his campaign of fear,” predicted former Obama senior political adviser and CNN contributor David Axelrod. “In Trump’s perverse political calculus, division equals addition.”

Yup. And making sure people view what is happening in the country as “riots” rather than “protests” is a key part of Trump’s comeback strategy.

Yes, calling riots what they are and suggesting that perhaps we should stop them…what a “strategy.” It’s almost as if this should be (and has been) the role of the sitting President since time began.

But, you know, when you work for a network that has twisted itself into pretzels to simultaneously 1) Get the ratings up by showing live footage of rioters and looters running wild through the streets, sowing destruction and 2)tell their viewers over and over that they are watching “largely peaceful protests” only marred by a handful of agitators (who are probably white supremacists in disguise)…well, you have to find inventive ways to keep the narrative alive.

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