CNN Scrambles to Salvage Reputation: “CNN Does Not Lie”

The long-running feud between CNN and President Trump exploded into one of the bloodiest battles yet this week after the network was called out by the White House, conservatives, and media critics everywhere for sticking by a story that has since been proven false.

CNN blasted President Trump in a direct statement on Wednesday, the day after Trump mocked the network and reporter Carl Bernstein for flubbing a story about Michael Cohen and that infamous Trump Tower meeting with the Russian lawyer. CNN maintains it is sticking behind Bernstein and the story’s veracity, even though their primary source – Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis – has come out publicly to say that what he originally told CNN was untrue.

“CNN is being torn apart from within based on their being caught in a major lie and refusing to admit the mistake,” the president wrote. “Sloppy @carlbernstein, a man who lives in the past and thinks like a degenerate fool, making up story after story, is being laughed at all over the country! Fake News.”

The president followed that up two hours later with this: “’Lanny Davis admits being anonymous source in CNN Report.’ @BretBaier Oh well, so much for CNN saying it wasn’t Lanny. No wonder their ratings are so low, it’s FAKE NEWS!”

That was when CNN fired back with all the authority of a child caught sticking his hand in the cookie jar.

“Make no mistake, Mr. President, CNN does not lie. We report the news. And we report when people in power tell lies. CNN stands by our reporting and our reporters. There may be many fools in this story but @carlbernstein is not one of them,” CNN wrote in a message.

Well, CNN, you can stand by Bernstein and you can stand by your story, but that doesn’t make Bernstein’s reporting factual and it doesn’t get your story out of the Fake News trashcan. Either you got snookered by a lying lawyer because you were so intent on nailing President Trump on the phony “collusion” charge or you misrepresented his words. We tend to lean on the former – Davis went around the horn telling a lot of media outlets a lot of phony nonsense – but it doesn’t excuse the fact that you’re STILL maintaining, evidently, that the core story is correct. Michael Cohen’s own lawyer says he has nothing to say about Trump’s knowledge of the Russian meeting, and yet you say he does? That’s quite the limb you’re out on, CNN. Quite the limb indeed.

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