Columnist Worried Impeachment Coverage Won’t Be Biased Enough

In one of the most amazing columns ever produced inside the liberal bubble, Washington Post columnist Margaret Sullivan wrote Monday to warn the media: Don’t forget to be as biased as possible when covering the upcoming public impeachment hearings!

Sullivan said that she was greatly concerned that media reporters and pundits would actually pay attention to the arguments (or “stunts,” as she puts it) put forth by Republicans during what ought to be the Democratic Party’s time to shine. These hearings, she insisted, should be about listening quietly to what Democrats like Adam Schiff want the public to hear. They are not a time for speculating about the audience’s reaction, and they are certainly not a time for “focusing on the partisan fight.”

Since, after all, the learned readers of the Washington Post already know who is right and who is wrong. These hearings are just meant to confirm that knowledge for those Americans too dumb to consider themselves proper liberal members of the #Resistance.

“Don’t let stunts hijack the coverage,” Sullivan warns. “If we know anything about Trump’s reaction when things get tough, it’s that he and his allies will haul out some attention-grabbing performance art and its distractions. Trump will act out — because that’s what he does.

“Recent example: Republican members of Congress barging into a secure facility on Capitol Hill where a Pentagon official was to testify before the House Intelligence Committee. It got plenty of TV and other media coverage and allowed Republican criticism of ‘the process’ — however empty — to take center stage,” she continues.

We don’t actually need to delve any further into Sullivan’s column; this section is instructive enough. The impeachment circus is democracy working as it is intended to work. However, paying any attention whatsoever to the President of the United States – the focus of the inquiry – is a sideshow that only distracts from the main attraction. Don’t do it, media! Don’t give Trump even a moment of airtime to defend himself! This is a Democrat show, and don’t you forget it!

Sullivan’s confusion is manifested in that second paragraph. Did she actually see any of the mainstream media’s coverage of Republicans storming the SCIF? It was relentlessly negative, painting Rep. Matt Gaetz and his collaborators as clowns who put national security in jeopardy. Sullivan actually wants the media to be more biased than that? Why not just hand our newspapers and cable news channels over to Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi and be done with the charade of objectivity altogether?

She quotes regular Trump critic Tim O’Brien, who said, “The hearings are going to be a three-ring circus when they should be a one-ring circus.”

Well, at least they’re admitting that it’s going to be a circus. It’s one that members of the media should be observing from the stands; instead, they’re more interested in putting on the clown makeup and joining the show.

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