Crazy Maxine Says Trump is Using “Russia Tactics” to Discredit Mueller

At this point, Democrats in the senior leadership – the ones who know that a constant barrage of invective towards President Trump is not going to help them soar to victory in November’s midterms – must quietly chew their fingernails every time Crazy Maxine Waters (D-CA) goes on television. There’s never any telling what kind of nonsense is going to fly out of this low-IQ mouth; every time she speaks, she appears to get further and further away from any recognizable version of reality. We’re sure there are #Resistance folks on Twitter who love when Waters goes off on the president, but she isn’t doing her party, or her country, any favors.

She is, however, howlingly hilarious – that is, as long as you find dark humor (such as: an idiot like this actually representing the American people in Congress) to be funny.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who still has a job for some reason, Waters said that Trump was using strategies against the Mueller probe that have been taken from the Kremlin’s playbook.

“We cannot give up and allow him to destruct this investigation in the way that he’s doing,” Waters said, once again proving her mastery of the English language. “He lied about a spy being embedded in his campaign. There has been no spy embedded in his campaign. He’s lying about witch hunt. But you notice he says ‘witch hunt’ over and over again. He has learned some of the Russia tactics about how, you know, you deal with getting people to believe you. You say it over and over again. And he has discredited the media by saying it over and over again. There’s no witch hunt. There’s no spy. But he thinks that — this lesson that he’s learned and I think it is from the Russian tactics that he’s learned over the years that if he says it enough, he can get people to believe it.”

If you were to pay Maxine Waters $5.00 to tell you everything she knows about Vladimir Putin’s political strategies, you’d have yourself a tax write-off of $4.99.

But if there’s one thing Waters DOES know a thing or two about, it’s the art of repeating a lie over and over again until the voters finally believe you. That is, after all, a required skill for anyone wishing to join the Democratic Party.


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