Democrat Presidential Hopeful Starts Petition to Get Trump to Resign

What’s the matter, Cory Booker? Are you afraid that if Donald Trump is still in the White House when 2020 rolls around that he’ll crush you in the election? Are you really so arrogant to assume that you’ll even be the Democratic nominee for president? Or are you just trying to get your name in the headlines for a day or two so people like Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren don’t get all the publicity that you so rightly deserve?

Whatever Booker’s motivations, the New Jersey senator has started an online petition calling on President Trump to resign from office. Citing the sexual harassment allegations that came out against Trump during last year’s campaign, Booker is asking people to sign their name to the virtual list – as though this would possibly accomplish its stated goal.

“The number of women who have brought sexual harassment, misconduct, or assault allegations against him has grown to 20 individuals — and I believe them. We all should believe them,” Booker said. “We must hold members of both parties to the same standard, and that standard should apply all the way to the top.

“President Trump must be accountable for his actions,” he continued. “Please join me in calling on Mr. Trump to resign as President of the United States.”

Countdown to the first sexual harassment accusations against Cory Booker…

That Booker has his sights set on the White House is no secret, though he – like most Democratic hopefuls – is keeping his plans on the down-low. He was ranked sixth in the Washington Post’s rankings of likely Democrat Party frontrunners, well ahead of Dwayne Johnson but behind Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, to name a couple. “This just feels like the time for Booker,” wrote the Post.

But if Booker has a shot at his party’s nomination, we doubt that this is the way to nab it. If the sexual allegations against Trump had been deemed credible last year, they would have prevented him from winning the election in the first place. As it turns out, the American people decided the evidence wasn’t strong enough to sway their decision. And as we’re learning lately, that was the right decision, since many of the women who stepped forward to accuse Trump were paid – and paid DAMN WELL – for bringing their stories to the media. Like, $750,000 worth of paid well. You can get a woman to say just about anything for that kind of money.

Just ask the last Democrat Party nominee.

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