Democrats are Headed for Another Caucus Catastrophe in Nevada

The same party that wants to take control of your healthcare and your higher education has already proven they don’t have what it takes to put on a simple primary election. The 2020 Iowa Caucuses will go down in history as one of the biggest blunders since…well, the rollout of And it looks as though the next set of caucuses, which are set to take place in Nevada on Saturday, may not go any more smoothly than the first. Hold onto your hats, because Democrats seem determined to demonstrate their incompetence on the campaign trail this winter.

From Politico:

Anxiety is rising over the possibility of another tech-induced meltdown at the Nevada Democratic caucuses on Saturday.

In interviews, three caucus volunteers described serious concerns about rushed preparations for the Feb. 22 election, including insufficient training for a newly-adopted electronic vote-tally system and confusing instructions on how to administer the caucuses. There are also unanswered questions about the security of Internet connections at some 2,000 precinct sites that will transmit results to a central “war room” set up by the Nevada Democratic Party.

Some volunteers who will help run caucuses at precinct locations said they have not been trained on iPads that the party purchased to enter and transmit vote counts. Party officials scrambled to streamline their vote reporting system — settling on Google forms accessible through a saved link on the iPads — after scrapping a pair of apps they’d been planning to use until a similar app caused the fiasco in Iowa two weeks ago.

The volunteers also said the party has not provided sufficient training on how to use the Google form that will compile vote totals, a complicated process in a caucus.

Welp, that sounds like a disaster in the making.

Frankly, this whole caucus situation seems like an idea ready to be tossed in history’s trash can. Did you attend the Iowa caucuses this year? Did you watch the footage on television? We’ve seen Japanese game shows with clearer rules. It’s a minor miracle that the parties don’t just come out after every single caucus and say, “Yeah, we have no idea who won. Not sure what we were thinking, to be honest.”

Whether or not you can really blame the national Democratic National Committee for this chaos, a repeat of the Iowa fiasco is going to look really bad. Despite our opening joke, it probably doesn’t track to say that caucus incompetence translates to Medicare-for-All incompetence. But nonetheless, perception is reality, and this is putting a very bad taste in the mouths of American voters.

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