Democrats Are Lying Through Their Teeth About the Border Crisis

We shouldn’t be astonished anymore when it comes to this stuff, but we were – at the very least – disheartened to see all the handwringing amongst the major networks when it came to carrying President Trump’s address to the nation on Tuesday. While we’re glad they came around to making the right decision, the fact that there was any hesitation at all is a(nother) worrying sign about just how far to the left our media institutions have swung. It is also a troubling indicator of just how much effort is going into one message to the American people: We do not have an immigration crisis, and Trump’s border wall is racism made material.

It’s a lie. And it’s a baldfaced one.

What’s funny is that if you pay careful attention, the left’s lies about immigration reveal themselves without any additional work from critics or politicians on the right. One minute, the Democrats are telling us that everything is fine at the border and there’s no reason at all to be concerned. The next, they are screaming about the thousands of people who have been detained…coming across the border. And what a tragedy it is. Er, how can both things be true?

Or another example: One minute the Democrats and the media are telling us that immigration – illegal or otherwise – is a net positive for the country; the next minute they’re telling us that they believe in strong border security and that any insinuation to the contrary is false. Well, Mr. Schumer, you can see where we would be confused on that point, surely. If illegal immigration is fine and dandy…why would you spend ANY money to stop it?

Now it is true that the current crisis at the border is a little different than long-held trends in illegal immigration. We do not have the problems we once had with Mexican nationals sneaking over the border and disappearing into the shadows. Yes, it’s still a problem, but it isn’t the primary concern. The real problem is with so-called asylum-seekers, many of whom are now traveling from Central America to the U.S. as family units. And because there are laws that prevent the Trump administration from detaining children for too long, these families are inevitably released into the country. Many of them will never be seen again.

This problem is only getting worse, spurred on by unclear laws and mighty progressive organizations that want to push the open-borders envelope as far as they can. The end goal is “immigration reform,” which will undoubtedly include some kind of mass amnesty for the millions and millions of illegal immigrants currently living in the United States. And then, when we’re back in this situation in a decade or so, we’ll ride the whole carousel again.

President Trump came into office with a promise to stop the ride, and a majority of Americans want to see him live up to that promise one way or the other. Framing it as a humanitarian disaster, as he did on Tuesday, is not just a clever political angle – it is the truth. As much as our country is harmed by unrestrained illegal immigration, so too are hundreds of thousands of migrants harmed by this treacherous journey north. It is a crisis in every conceivable form of the word, and if a wall isn’t the only solution, it is certainly part of one.

The Democrats don’t have a leg to stand on, morally or factually. Politically? That remains to be seen.

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