Democrats In Serious Trouble as Wages and Benefits Skyrocket

We can envision a theoretical scenario in which Democrats could ride the anti-Trump hysteria on the left to victory in the midterms. A scenario in which they could use a thin agenda of healthcare and the Supreme Court and amnesty to lock in enough votes, simply because there has been so much animosity against the president and his administration in the media that voters would be able to overlook the nonsense Democrats are peddling.

But for that scenario to unfold would require a much different environmental outlook than the one Americans are seeing right now. For Democrats, the problem isn’t that they don’t have the entirety of the media on their side, because they very much do. The problem is that the gap between what the media is reporting and what Americans are seeing in their own lives is getting wider every day.

The problem is…things under the dumbest, most evil, racist, traitorous president in the history of the United States are actually getting really, really good.

The New York Times, the Washington Post, and every Democrat within shouting distance of a microphone did their damnedest to downplay last Friday’s extraordinary second-quarter economic report. Sure, sure, the GDP rate was above 4% for the first time in years and there was every sign imaginable that the economy was roaring back in a way that critics said was impossible during the Obama years.

But oh, it’s all smoke and mirrors. The tax cuts were still a terrible idea. The tariffs are going to kill American manufacturers and farmers. And our favorite: American workers and consumers aren’t really getting the benefits. It’s all going to the fabled One Percent.


Released this week were new reports about wages and benefits in the American job market and things are actually looking better for workers than they have in a decade. We’re looking at the lowest unemployment rate and the biggest wages/benefits hike since 2008. Workers are absolutely feeling the effects of the Trump economy, and it’s going to KILL the Democrats come voting time. No one wants to go back to the anemic, recession-tempting “recovery” of the Obama years.

You can crow about social justice and Russian spies all day long; if Americans are seeing their wallets fatten during the age of Trump, the midterms are going to be bad news for the opposition party.

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